Technology has made its way into our kitchens giving us handy robots to make exploring culinary skills like never before!

Appliances are the heart of any kitchen and having smart appliances work together to form a very efficient ecosystem. Modern kitchen machines take up little space, but some are real all-rounders. What had to be done with a lot of effort in Grandma’s day is done in no time by today’s kitchen machines.

They knead, stir, mix and can do much more with their extensive range of accessories. And some of the kitchen machines can even cook. We would like to show you some of the coolest of these, how they work, what the effective household helpers can do, and what advantages they offer to users.

1. Rotimatic

This countertop kitchen robot by Zimplistic is a fully automatic rotimaker that uses Artificial Intelligence to give you fresh and nutritious unleavened flatbread. It automates the multi-layered process of mixing dry and wet ingredients, kneading dough to optimum consistency, rolling it into flat discs, and then roasting it till puffs and attains a lovely golden brown color – all under 90 seconds. Inside its 40 x 40 centimeter body, a 32-bit microprocessor controls 10 motors, 15 sensors, and 200 moving parts. Users can set the number of rotis in a batch, its oil content, thickness, and level of roasting. Its possibly the easiest way existing to make rotis, puris, tortillas, and pizza base. 

2. The Cookeo, the intelligent multicooker

Admittedly, it is not a robot, but rather a culinary assistant which helps you to prepare daily meals – from starters to dessert – quickly and well, in just a few clicks. The Moulinex Cookeo adapts to the number of guests, guides you step by step, and cooks without supervision. Its application offers more than 200 recipes, image support, cooking tips and videos, and the shopping list. It is also available in red!

Cooking Chef Gourmet
Cooking Chef Gourmet
3. The Cooking Chef Gourmet

Its induction cooking goes up to 180 ° C. This high temperature allows you to sear meat, fish or vegetables while preserving their taste. You can also make tempuras, caramel, and even popcorn! It is accompanied by 13 accessories including a multifunction bowl with knives, a 1.8-litre blender, 6 discs for grating, slicing, a complete pastry kit, a kitchen scale, a stainless steel steam basket.

Bosch MUM
Bosch MUM
4. The Bosch MUM kitchen machine with all sorts of accessories

The Bosch MUM4880 kitchen machine is a real asset for a homemaker. Its large stainless steel mixing bowl has a capacity of 3.9 litres, which corresponds to a maximum amount of dough of 2 kg. The dynamic 3-D stirring system MultiMotion Drive ensures that all ingredients in the dough bowl are thoroughly mixed. 

The scope of delivery of the kitchen machine from Bosch includes additionally includes a citrus juicer, a continuous shredder, a cutting disc, a medium-fine friction disc, a whisk, a metal dough hook, a meat grinder attachment, and a recipe DVD. The kitchen machine can be expanded with high-quality accessories, such as the ice maker, the grain mill, the multimixer, and the shortbread attachment. With 600 watts, the Bosch Mum kitchen machine does a lot and makes it easier for you to mix, grate, cut, squeeze and stir. 

Krups Prep & Cook HP5031 Food Processor
Krups Prep & Cook HP5031 Food Processor
5. The multi-functional food processor from Krups Prep & Cook HP5031

The machine is available in different versions, some of which differ massively in price. Krups Prep & Cook can be controlled with a dedicated app that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet. There are already over 500 recipes in the Krups multifunction food processor app that you can track while cooking.  

The Krups Prep & Cook kitchen machine combines different kitchen appliances in one device and thus saves space in your kitchen. It can cut, mix, chop, beat, grind, crack open, stir, stew, steam, knead, and emulsify. There are 14-speed levels available, 2 of them with interval speeds. The temperature of the multifunction food processor can be individually adjusted from 30 degrees to 130 degrees in 5-degree steps. 

With 6 automatic programs and 14 different functions, many users can no longer imagine everyday life without this machine.

Robots become human

Robotics is steadily making its way into the domestic realm, and smart kitchens are one of its most obvious manifestations. Given that cooking is a fun hobby for many people and helps them relax, most users will not let the robots take their cooking completely out of their hands. And in community with others, cooking becomes an experience that, according to trend studies, people will even more value in the future. But robotics can do is make that experience a lot more fun, easy, and accessible, so one can concentrate on expanding their skills rather than toiling over tasks that can be delegated to these high-tech kitchen assistants. 

The kitchen is where robotics will flourish next, and Zimplistic founders – Rishi Israni and Pranoti Nagarkar – have laid down the path with Rotimatic for further tech evolution in this space.

We have all heard of the more or less ubiquitous rice cooker. Most South Asians have now become accustomed to using the numerous variants of the kitchen appliance for cooking one of the most popular stables of their diet – rice. The other favorite food staple of South Asians, roti, however, is still largely made by hand. And although the process of making this flour-water-oil flatbread may seem simple, it is quite the task. For someone who is not an expert in the art of making rotis, the traditional method of doing it is complex enough for them to choose quickly choose ready-made alternatives. Zimplistic’s Rotimatic – a fully-automatic roti maker perfect for domestic use – has emerged as a game-changer for how we are accustomed to preparing the age-old recipe. 

Rotimatic simplifies daily life

Pranoti Nagarkar, Founder and Co-CEO of Zimplistic, recalls her earliest memories of rotis being that of her mother laboring away in the kitchen to bring fresh rotis right off the pan to the table. Similar to most people who shoulder the responsibility of cooking chapatis, phulkas, or rotis, Pranoti recollects her mother too compromised on the time she could have spent with her family at the dinner table. Sadly, without investing adequate time and attention, the effort put into yielding soft and fluffy rotis goes to naught. 

To understand this better, one has to consider the actions that go into making a roti. The dry and wet ingredients are carefully measured out in the correct proportion of the mix. The water added should preferably be of a certain temperature (warm) to facilitate kneading of the dough to the ideal consistency. After a period of rest, this dough is then evenly flattened into thin discs which are then roasted in a pan or directly over a flame. When cooking for an average of four people, the time taken for rotis could be well over half an hour. Rotimatic notably compresses this time down to a few minutes using automation.

The inception of Rotimatic

Pranoti experienced the struggle of making rotis daily first-hand and decided it was about time the roti-making process got a technological update. Thus, the combined efforts of Pranoti and Rishi came about Zimplistic’s Rotimatic that recreates all the steps. Beyond the act of pouring flour, water, and oil into their designated compartments in the machine and pushing a few buttons, Rotimatic does not require any further user intervention.

Rotimatic is equipped with AI and IoT

Rotimatic is a high-tech robot with its 10 motors, 15 sensors, and 200 moving parts controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor. Its highlights though are the AI and IoT features that allow it to be paired with iOS or Android applications. Synced devices such as smartphones enable users to operate it through the installed Rotimatic app from afar. The automatic roti maker also automatically downloads updates for its software as and when those are released in the cloud. Rotimatic thus evolves and expands its gamut of functions and ability to troubleshoot. 

Rotimatic is a hit with the masses

Time is money, and any means that affords us more of it has a thick chance of winning the hearts of people. Rotimatic does exactly this and more. The device shrinks the time taken to make rotis by the traditional method which is rarely less than 30 minutes at least to a matter of a few minutes. It takes about eight minutes to warm up and then continues to give warm, fluffy, fresh flatbread in less than two minutes a unit. 

Rotimatic uses its sensors to measure and dispense the exact amount of ingredients required in the dough mix and kneads it to the ideal consistency. The dough is then moved by a mechanical arm to another part of the appliance where it is evenly flattened into a disc and then roasted on heating plates. A steaming golden-brown roti is slid out on a tray at the front bottom of the Rotimatic at the end of the process. One can specify the oil content, thickness of the flatbread, level of roasting, and the number of rotis to be made in a batch. Every roti made in a batch has consistent quality.

The other factor that is a hit with users is the ease of maintenance of the appliance. It is very simple to clean, and given its IoT feature, it does not have to be carried to a service station any time there is an issue with its performance.

Rotimatic is here to stay

As our lives continue to get more hectic we will continue to look for ways to economize the time we spend on each task. An appliance like Rotimatic is a boon for professionals and those who wish to do more with their time and explore their interests. Kitchen robotics is the next big thing and Zimplistic’s Rotimatic has strengthened the foundation for new-age innovations to build on.