Technology has made its way into our kitchens giving us handy robots to make exploring culinary skills like never before!

Appliances are the heart of any kitchen and having smart appliances work together to form a very efficient ecosystem. Modern kitchen machines take up little space, but some are real all-rounders. What had to be done with a lot of effort in Grandma’s day is done in no time by today’s kitchen machines.

They knead, stir, mix and can do much more with their extensive range of accessories. And some of the kitchen machines can even cook. We would like to show you some of the coolest of these, how they work, what the effective household helpers can do, and what advantages they offer to users.

1. Rotimatic

This countertop kitchen robot by Zimplistic is a fully automatic rotimaker that uses Artificial Intelligence to give you fresh and nutritious unleavened flatbread. It automates the multi-layered process of mixing dry and wet ingredients, kneading dough to optimum consistency, rolling it into flat discs, and then roasting it till puffs and attains a lovely golden brown color – all under 90 seconds. Inside its 40 x 40 centimeter body, a 32-bit microprocessor controls 10 motors, 15 sensors, and 200 moving parts. Users can set the number of rotis in a batch, its oil content, thickness, and level of roasting. Its possibly the easiest way existing to make rotis, puris, tortillas, and pizza base. 

2. The Cookeo, the intelligent multicooker

Admittedly, it is not a robot, but rather a culinary assistant which helps you to prepare daily meals – from starters to dessert – quickly and well, in just a few clicks. The Moulinex Cookeo adapts to the number of guests, guides you step by step, and cooks without supervision. Its application offers more than 200 recipes, image support, cooking tips and videos, and the shopping list. It is also available in red!

Cooking Chef Gourmet
Cooking Chef Gourmet
3. The Cooking Chef Gourmet

Its induction cooking goes up to 180 ° C. This high temperature allows you to sear meat, fish or vegetables while preserving their taste. You can also make tempuras, caramel, and even popcorn! It is accompanied by 13 accessories including a multifunction bowl with knives, a 1.8-litre blender, 6 discs for grating, slicing, a complete pastry kit, a kitchen scale, a stainless steel steam basket.

Bosch MUM
Bosch MUM
4. The Bosch MUM kitchen machine with all sorts of accessories

The Bosch MUM4880 kitchen machine is a real asset for a homemaker. Its large stainless steel mixing bowl has a capacity of 3.9 litres, which corresponds to a maximum amount of dough of 2 kg. The dynamic 3-D stirring system MultiMotion Drive ensures that all ingredients in the dough bowl are thoroughly mixed. 

The scope of delivery of the kitchen machine from Bosch includes additionally includes a citrus juicer, a continuous shredder, a cutting disc, a medium-fine friction disc, a whisk, a metal dough hook, a meat grinder attachment, and a recipe DVD. The kitchen machine can be expanded with high-quality accessories, such as the ice maker, the grain mill, the multimixer, and the shortbread attachment. With 600 watts, the Bosch Mum kitchen machine does a lot and makes it easier for you to mix, grate, cut, squeeze and stir. 

Krups Prep & Cook HP5031 Food Processor
Krups Prep & Cook HP5031 Food Processor
5. The multi-functional food processor from Krups Prep & Cook HP5031

The machine is available in different versions, some of which differ massively in price. Krups Prep & Cook can be controlled with a dedicated app that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet. There are already over 500 recipes in the Krups multifunction food processor app that you can track while cooking.  

The Krups Prep & Cook kitchen machine combines different kitchen appliances in one device and thus saves space in your kitchen. It can cut, mix, chop, beat, grind, crack open, stir, stew, steam, knead, and emulsify. There are 14-speed levels available, 2 of them with interval speeds. The temperature of the multifunction food processor can be individually adjusted from 30 degrees to 130 degrees in 5-degree steps. 

With 6 automatic programs and 14 different functions, many users can no longer imagine everyday life without this machine.

Robots become human

Robotics is steadily making its way into the domestic realm, and smart kitchens are one of its most obvious manifestations. Given that cooking is a fun hobby for many people and helps them relax, most users will not let the robots take their cooking completely out of their hands. And in community with others, cooking becomes an experience that, according to trend studies, people will even more value in the future. But robotics can do is make that experience a lot more fun, easy, and accessible, so one can concentrate on expanding their skills rather than toiling over tasks that can be delegated to these high-tech kitchen assistants. 

Finding a balance between your busy work schedule and time spent to do chores in the kitchen is no longer an unattainable ideal with Zimplistic’s automatic flatbread-maker – Rotimatic.

Rotis are ubiquitous to most South Asian households, so much so that certain families refer to meals by just that single term. You can frequently hear mothers telling their children to have their “roti” before going to bed, or ask “roti khaya kya?” to know if someone had had their meal. The appeal of this simple flour-and-water flatbread lies in its simplicity and adaptability – it compliments almost every curry popularly consumed. Take the flatbread to a different cuisine and call it a tortilla or pizza base, you’ll have another diverse range of delicious dishes to enjoy. Zimplistic’s Rotimatic (priced at $999) has thus found favor among more than just one demography by revolutionizing how unleavened flatbreads are made.

Rotimatic solves the tedious process of making rotis 

Mechanical engineer Pranoti Nagarkar, along with her husband, software engineer Rishi Israni has introduced a pioneering automatic roti-maker, Rotimatic. The high-tech appliance whose prototype debuted in 2008 has been designed to economize time and effort put into making rotis and other flatbreads. It can make puris, pizza bases, and tortillas thus far, and is set to lengthen this list with future upgrades. 

The kitchen robot automates and replicates the traditional method in which rotis are made – manually. This involves measuring out the correct proportion of flour, water, and oil for the dough which is kneaded to the ideal consistency. Honestly, this is quite difficult to achieve. Inevitably, the quality of the rotis one makes varies every single time unless the person making it is a thoroughly practiced expert. Additionally, there are the steps of diving the dough into smaller, equal sections for rolling into discs of even thickness that are, in its simplest form, roasted in an unoiled skillet or directly over a flame.

Rotimatic compresses the entire process that would take about half-an-hour to an hour (depending on the size and appetite of the family) to a matter of a few minutes with minimal assistance from the user.

Design and other special features of Rotimatic: 

The appliance measuring 40 x 40 centimeters and weighing 20 kilograms has a sleek futuristic design that comfortably fits on any kitchen counter. Its front façade has flip-open doors, and it comes with three transparent containers for the ingredients which are visible on the top. Turn it around and you’ll find the connector for the power cable and a USB port for maintenance.

Reviews of Rotimatic highlight its sophisticated technological features that facilitate the efficient and unique functions of the robot. These are listed below:

  1. AI and IoT – Rotimatic is AI and IoT-enabled which gives it the capability to share data between connected smart devices. The appliance connects with Wi-Fi, automatically upgrades its software, and can be distantly diagnosed. 
  2. It can be operated using a smartphone – Users can send commands through the Rotimatic app reducing human interaction with the appliance even further. 
  3. Interactive settings screen – In the front of the Rotimatic is a 3.2-inch color LCD touch-sensitive screen. This feature allows for specifying exactly how the rotis should be made in each batch. 


How are rotis made from Rotimatic and their taste:

Rotimatic uses 10 motors, 15 sensors, and 200 moving parts which are controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor to make soft fresh rotis. The sensors are used to measure and dispense the correct proportion of dry and wet ingredients for the dough. A mechanical arm moves the dough ball to another compartment within the appliance to be flattened into discs of even thickness and then transferred on to heating plates to be roasted. Since a user can pre-set the oil content, the thickness of the rotis and the level of roasting, the quality of the rotis in each batch is consistent. One can even play around with the flavors of the roti and recreate some of the recipes provided in the Rotimatic app. 

Rotimatic review in a nutshell:

Zimplistic’s Rotimatic is aimed at the demography that faces a challenge in striking a balance between kitchen duties and professional life. The appliance is easy to operate and maintain and ensures its users nutritious and fresh flatbreads for every meal. The Rotimatic is poised to become a standard part of kitchens with its presence now in most of the economically advanced countries, including –the US, UK, the Gulf countries, Singapore, across Europe, and Australia. 

Werner Vogels’ reaches start-up hotbed Singapore and an intriguing conversation about future-tech with innovators Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni ensues. 

Tech-centric shows are a great way to stay up to date about what’s new in the tech world, the “Now Go Build with Werner Vogels” series on Amazon is one that has become a raging hit. In each episode, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels interviews innovators and gives an insight into the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of AI and cloud computing.

A recent episode of the show focused on Singapore-based husband and wife team of entrepreneur/tech expert and mechanical engineer, Rishi Israni and Pranoti Nagarkar – the inventors of Rotimatic. The kitchen robot is poised to change the way the world cooks one of its oldest recipes – the simple flour-and-water flatbread. 

The idea behind Rotimatic

It is no wonder that Vogels has chosen to explore the story of Rotimatic. The AI and IoT-enabled appliance are the only one of its kind and leagues ahead of its predecessors in the category of electronic flatbread or roti-makers. It is an antithesis to the notion that automation is eroding traditions since what it does is it implements technology to hold on to norms most dear to us.

What Pranoti and Rishi have come up with is an efficient system to replicate the process of making a roti (and other forms of flatbread such as tortillas and pizza base) in a completely self-governed machine. It aims to address issues that compromise our standard of living, be it is managing a work-life balance or health. As pointed out by Israni, “seventy percent of illnesses are lifestyle disease-related, and they are primarily related to the type of food you consume” and “one-third of the world’s food is wasted”. Rotimatic is the duo’s first step toward realizing their vision of a fully intelligent kitchen that will ensure a healthy diet for its users and minimize wastage of food at the same time.

Amazon CTO Visits Rotimatic Office
Amazon CTO Visits Rotimatic Office
The tech behind Rotimatic

Rotimatic is the amalgamation of the necessity to optimize time and expert knowledge in cutting-edge technology. Its prototype was first introduced in 2009 by Zimplistic. The home food robot has machine learning built into it, can connect with the wifi and sync with other smart devices, troubleshoot when needed, and update its software. The Rotimatic’s corresponding app will allow it to be operated from remote locations as well. 

Pranoti and Rishi Discussing about Rotimatic with Amazon CTO
Pranoti and Rishi Discussing Rotimatic with Amazon CTO
A quick overview of the benefits of having an intelligent roti-maker

The software makes it possible to track the number of rotis made using Rotimatic across the globe, customer satisfaction, and machine errors. This information helps the company prioritize issues that need to be addressed and fixed first.

Rotimatic collects relevant data from every roti it makes. This includes information concerning the content and quality of the food being prepared by the appliance. Users are also urged to rate the user experience on the display screen of the robot at the end of every cycle to help upgrade the system. Rotimatic gives a data-driven, data-backed understanding of the operations of the machine. 

A labor of love

However, its transition from a hardware-only device to incorporating a major software component was not an overnight one. Years of research following the realization of how complicated servicing the product would be led to implementing AWS and IoT into the Rotimatic design. The benefits of this upgrade have been evident from the first attempt to get the service right and it has facilitated collecting further data to improve the appliance model. The software is now crucial to extend the device into a platform that’s capable of making multiple varieties of flatbread. 

Is the world prepared to give their kitchen an AI and IoT makeover

Clearly, yes. Rotimatic is a device that instantly frees up about an hour from kitchen duty, especially for women who have been playing the part of homemakers. Making flatbreads of any sort is a cumbersome task and the kitchen robot takes the entire process into its stride and compresses it to a matter of minutes. The user decides the sort of bread they wish to prepare, which type and brand of flour to utilize, oil content, the thickness of the rotis, the number of rotis to be made in a batch, and the extent of roasting each roti should undergo.  

Compared to the traditional method of making rotis, using the Rotimatic is ridiculously simple, and helps keep pace with a world that is rapidly turning to automation. Rotimatic is available on the official website as well as on Amazon.