This Diwali, gift something different

August 3, 2017

Surprise yourself and your family with a gift that changes the way you live! This Diwali, bring home Rotimatic: the world’s first fully automatic robot for making fresh, homemade Rotis. In an era of busy schedules and never ending chores, let Rotimatic take the worry of healthy food off your hands. This joyous season, embark upon a journey that promises balanced, nutritious meals any time of the time, every day.

Health is wealth

What better way to greet Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth than giving your family the gift of health? Whole wheat Rotimatic Roti is rich in vitamins and soluble fibre, making it light and easy to digest. Generous amounts of micro and macro nutrients in multigrain Rotimatic roti keep your family’s immunity strong and mind sharp.

Gift of time

With Rotimatic, it’s possible to spend more time doing the things you love. Spending time with your family, finishing projects, playing scrabble or plain old laziness, you can finally prioritise your life the way you want to.

Family get-togethers just got more exciting

Huge get-togethers are no longer a headache. When the extended family and friends come over, sit back, relax, enjoy the conversation and pour that wine. You no longer have to juggle the dual role of being the life of the party and the saviour of everyone’s hunger, cause when it comes to the kitchen, Rotimatic will take over.

Bring home a little bit of India

Nothing like Ghar ka Khana, but we can at least bring a little bit of Maa ke haath ka khana with Rotimatic Roti. Fresh hot Rotis with whole nutrients and no preservatives or additives just like the simpler days of childhood. Recreate that happiness and share the goodness of health and a balanced diet with your family. Changing countries is complicated enough, thanks to Rotimatic you get to relive your childhood and share it with everyone.

Time to experience 21st Century cooking

Gone are the days of standing for long hours in the kitchen or looking for short cuts in the grocery store. Rotimatic does its magic and churns out a fresh, hot roti in 90 seconds. With a portfolio of 35 patents, Rotimatic is packed with the latest technology and is also an IoT connected device. This means you do not even have to worry about maintenance, it will upgrade itself with the latest software updates and even has remote trouble shooting capabilities. Rotimatic gets smarter with time and we have a whole of amazing additions already lined up! One of the addition being puris, this Diwali enjoy hot and puffed puris with loved ones.

This Diwali make a smart investment

Priced at US$999, Rotimatic is a long term investment in your health, family and time. Each roti thereafter would cost you a mere 5 cents but the returns are huge. Low calories, high energy, fresh ingredients and prepared hygienically with no human intervention, Rotimatic ensures that your family enjoys wholesome meals without any worries. You get to decide everything that goes into your food and be rest assured that there would be no adverse allergies.

Evolving with time- IoT in the Kitchen

Talk about life time investment, Rotimatic is set to revolutionise the way we cook even more. Once connected to Wi Fi via the Rotimatic app, soon you can make rotis remotely! The Internet of Things has come to the kitchen and promises to make food straight out of a J. J. Abrams movie! Come back from home to the smell of Rotis freshly prepared and waiting for you. No need to hustle early in the morning or come back grumpy at night- just set a schedule for Rotimatic and the smart robot will take care of everything else.

Shake up Your Meals

Rotimatic rotis can double up as a pizza base, quesadilla– let your imagination run wild. Check here for a selection of recipes to help you decide how to revamp your meals. With each meal, you get to enjoy the same goodness of whole wheat, hygienic preparation, freshly served and no additives. With Rotimatic you get a robot that combines the deft efficiency of technology and the human excitement of experimenting with endless possibilities!

Not Just Roti

The goal of Rotimatic is larger than rotis and is poised to conquer all kinds of healthy flatbreads. It is just the beginning and Rotimatic has already served a million rotis to happy customers but we aim to expand the horizon even more. Catering to the diverse palate of Indian cuisine, Rotimatic will soon be able to prepare puris, missi roti, roti with jowar, bajara and even tortillas!
Make this Diwali special with Rotimatic. Order yours today!


  • Chhaya
    3 years ago

    This is a perfect gift!

  • Gauri
    3 years ago

    I am planning to buy it does it make other things apart from rotis?

    • 3 years ago

      Hi Gauri, thanks for your interest in Rotimatic. You can also make puris, tortillas, pizza bases, and other types of rotis with your Rotimatic.

  • Illa
    3 years ago

    We came to Canada a few years ago and it became a bit difficult to adjust especially because of food. My husband and I both used to work and cooking food was a big task. And we couldn’t every day eat from outside because it was not affordable and it was also not healthy. So then we came across Rotimatic and it solved all our problems.

  • Sunita Misra
    3 years ago

    This is a very nice sort of gift which we can give to our mothers, wifes, sisters, daughters and all those who are working and do not have time to make roti. It was about time that we people had a product like this. Thank you guys.

  • Aahana Goswami
    3 years ago

    I am sure this will be a perfect gift for my mum. She should desperately have this. She doesn’t have time for herself. Everyday working 24/7 in the kitchen and even when she gets free time she is doing some or the other work of our house. So yeah good one.

  • Amit Solanki
    2 years ago

    This is a perfect diwali gift for my wife. I am ordering one for her so that it becomes easier for her to manage both office and home.

  • Siddharth Chashme
    2 years ago

    This is such a cool gift! I am planning to gift one to my mom as she is now old and can’t manage to stand for a long time to make rotis. This would be a perfect gift for her.

  • 2 years ago

    we bought rotimatic and willing to refer to more people. u will get 150$ with referal.. email me if u willing to buy i can provide referal code.

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