Rotimatic Remote control: IoT on kitchen tops

April 13, 2017

The Internet of Things is changing the world around us, from the way we drive, to how we make purchases. More devices have the capability to connect to each other, transmitting valuable information to form smarter device ecosystems. One of the things our customers love most about Rotimatic is that with it, IoT has come to kitchen tops. Once connected to WiFi via the official Rotimatic App, this smart machine is capable of IoT wizardry of your dreams!

Magic with the Rotimatic mobile App

The Rotimatic App will soon allow you to make rotis remotely. Say goodbye to any preparation time once you get back home from a long days work,  you will be welcomed with the waft of fresh rotis as you step through the front doors. 


Control Rotimatic remotely

Start roti-making remotely, change the number of rotis you’d like, increase thickness and roast settings. Basically, everything that you can do on your Rotimatic screen and more. How does getting rotis ready for the kids when you are still at work sound?

Set up a roti-making schedule

If you already know when you want rotis, just set a reminder for the entire week and take it off your mind. In the early morning chaos, when everyone at home has to get ready to leave packing healthy lunch will be a breeze!

Freedom to choose the bread you like

Rotis, pooris, tortillas, missi roti, bajara roti or just some masala rotis. Rotimatic will allow you to relish a different type of bread every day! Just choose the preferred recipe on the mobile App and you’re done. All families have fussy eaters, we’ve got you covered.

Limitless possibilities

Rotimatic gets smarter with time! A connected Rotimatic enables us to keep adding more value to your Rotimatic experience. The video chat feature on the app, takes the whole customer support experience to the next level. Our engineering whiz kids sitting in our Singapore office are constantly working on making the Rotimatic smarter via cool software upgrades. Once they have been certified awesome, the upgrades get released into the cloud after which all Rotimatics can download them and update to the latest version.

“Hey Alexa, make me rotis” is not a distant dream now.

Sometimes, reality is better than the dream :)

PS: Rotimatic orders are now open in the US. Priority links are being sent to people who signed up on the waitlist. To register your interest head here.


  • Manjula Tewari
    4 years ago

    Waiting for updates

    • Manjula Tewari
      4 years ago

      Waiting for updates

  • Rahul
    4 years ago

    That sounds great but you have to figure out a way to stack the rotis that come out of the Rotimatic! Right now, anything more than 2 is a problem.

  • Jyoti
    4 years ago

    is the IOT support coming in future versions of product or will it be available in current versions in market right now?

  • PritiA
    4 years ago

    Just got my Rotimatic yesterday. When is this funtionality available on the App

  • Zeeshan
    4 years ago

    Rotimatic is designed to fit elegantly in a modern kitchen, about the size of a medium-sized micorwave.

  • Hitesh Patel
    4 years ago

    Hello Rotimatic Team.
    I am in UK and have got invitation to buy on a priority list. I have few questions – please could you respond,
    1. can I operate Rotimatic through smart phone and start making rotis when I am in train 10 minutes away from home ?
    2. how much cleaning is required after each lot of rotis are made ? Do I have to take out containers that occupy ingradients like flour, oil, water etc each time and how easy or difficult it is to do so ?
    3. on an average, how many rotis can be made before machine start to need maintainance ? 5000, 10000, 15000 ?
    4. any recurring cost after I buy Rotimatic ? Hidden cost ? Upgrade of new software is free of cost lifetime ?
    5. Hardware are future proof and any new version can be easily ‘fitted’ in to presently bought machine ?
    I have four days to place priority order so if you could respond to above questions before that, it would be great.
    Thank you, Hitesh Patel

  • Shona
    4 years ago

    More importantly, if you have any problems with the Rotimatic you can contact tech support through the app and they can remotely access the Rotimatic to troubleshoot.

    4 years ago

    I am in India.Can I purchase this item to stay back in INDIA.?

    • 3 years ago

      Hello Subrahmanyeswara! Thank you for your interest in Rotimatic, but right now we do not encourage purchase of Rotimatic and shipping it to India. However, you can join the waitlist and get it when it is available in India.

  • emc
    3 years ago

    When is this feature going to be available?

  • Trent
    3 years ago

    Rotimatic is built with IoT smarts, so it learns with every new roti, gets upgraded constantly, and is always operating with the latest firmware.

  • Deepinder Singh
    3 years ago

    When is the remote app coming out

  • Tony Mak
    3 years ago

    So when is the app going to be able to remotely work. At the moment what does it do?

  • Kunal Dasani
    3 years ago

    Remote troubleshoot has really helped us. Whenever we feel that there is something that’s not working properly in the machine we let the customer service know through the app. And they respond within 24 hours and check the device and remove the bugs if any. Also, I like that the machine automatically upgrades on WiFi whenever a feature is launched. So yeah, it’s pretty amazing to use Rotimatic!!

  • Kartik
    3 years ago

    It is really revolutionizing my life!! It would be awesome if I could purchase it!

  • Varun
    3 years ago

    It was really a need to revolutionize the roti making process. As it was about time we had a machine like this that could make something like roti in the rotimatic happen. And so yeah I am definitely going for it.

  • Mihir
    3 years ago

    Revolution is the key to better future. I am very happy to see Rotimatic. My friend Rachana has it and it was so amazing to watch the process. We would love to buy it

  • Bhavin
    3 years ago

    I got my rotimatic delivered 3 days ago. It is a very smart machine and I am waiting for the feature that you can make the roties from th application.
    Thank you for the rotimatic because it is very useful.

  • Monika Jain
    3 years ago

    How can I order parts to replace in case of breakage?

  • Jeff
    3 years ago

    Still waiting on the promises of scheduling and monitoring. Are you really going to update the software?!?

  • Kiara Washisht
    2 years ago

    I am using Rotimaitc since 2 months, It is such a great experience and also the updates on the app are so advanced. Just loved the machine and the services that thy provide thorugh their application. Thank you Rotimatic for your wonderfull service

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