How to Find & Send Perfect Gifts to India From the USA Hassle-Free?

When you settle abroad, especially in the USA, sending gifts to India is a common way of showing love and affection for your friends and family. However, as much as you enjoy caring for your loved ones, the complexity of sending gifts from a different country is off-putting enough to shelve it for another day. 

In this blog, find out how to choose that perfect gift and avoid the hassles when sending it.

Some Ideas to Send Gifts to India from the USA

Here are some common and not-so-common gift ideas for you to choose from:

1. Gourmet food items

Gourmet food is not necessarily available in India as specialty jams, sauces, and certain types of authentic cheese. You could even look at some snack mixes with specific flavoring or unique healthy mixes as a gift for family and friends back home. 

2. Clothing, accessories, or home decor items that will remind them of you living in the states

For a change, if you want to give unique home decor items or special accessories, this will be an excellent gift for your loved ones to remember you by. Clothing and accessories from certain brands not readily available in India will also be a wonderful gift to India from the USA.

3. Books and music featuring their favorite artists

Music records or signed books will be one of the best gifts for an art lover. There are many unique instruments,  rare CDs and DVDs (if your friends/family still play them), etc., that you can gift a music lover as unique presents. A biography of their favorite music artist or a musical history of their most-loved music genre is another gift you can look at. 

4. Cosmetics products

Products from high-end international brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior, and more will be splendid gifts to send to your loved ones, as these products will be hard to get a hold of in India quickly. 

5. Gadgets

Gadgets, including Apple products and even drones with a 4K camera, are another great gift to send to your family back in India. For tech-savvy youngsters in your family, gadgets such as earphones, smart home devices, or Playstations / Xboxes are also great gifts.


While not so much of a novelty these days, chocolates are among the most gifted items by folks from the USA to their friends and family in India. While most of them are now found in India, there a still a few exclusive chocolate brands not easily found in India.

But, Don’t They All Lack the Thoughtfulness and the Novelty Factor?

While the above is by no means an exhaustive list, it should give you a fair idea of the gift options. Now, reading the above, if you have been thinking, “meh, that’s not something unique or thoughtful”, we hear you. 

The fact is that many things available abroad are now easily found in India; hence, the novelty factor of gifts to India from the USA has gone down. Not to mention that these gifts often hold very little value for the receiver and miss out on the recall for sure. Will they remember you for a long time when they see those gifts? For gadgets and cosmetics, yes, for some time.

But then, with gadgets, things like international warranty issues and high shipping costs or custom hassles can make the whole gifting experience a little unpleasant in the long run. 

So, How to Find that Perfect Gift To Send Back Home in India?

guy is looking at gifts on laptop


Well, here are some crucial factors that you should consider while choosing an ideal gift for someone you love and care about:

  • Utility: By utility, we mean it should be helpful for the person you are gifting; it should not look like a formal or superficial present.
  • Durability and longevity: A gift with long-term value would always be a smart choice. Hence when it’s chocolates and perfumes versus something that would last longer, choose the latter. 
  • Value for money: The ideal gift should also enhance productivity while saving time and resources for your loved ones. This way, it will always be a great asset to them.
  • Sentimental value: Make sure that the gift you choose for your loved ones doesn’t merely hold a material value but has the sentimental recall necessary to make it memorable. Gift them something that would bring a smile to their face whenever they use it.

So, what will be an ideal gift to give back home? Might we suggest Rotimatic? 
Rotimatic, the world’s first robotic roti maker, fits all the above criteria ​​because it would be used in any Indian household and be of long-term use.

Why Is Rotimatic an Ideal Gift?

Rotimatic is a gift that would connect with them instantly. It would help them cut down on their daily work and provide much-needed respite while preparing lunch and dinner, or even breakfast. 

girl happy with Rotimatic rotis in 90 seconds


Some of the other reasons that make Rotimatic an ideal gift for your parents, kids, friends, relatives, or spouse are: 

Saves time

Rotimatic prepares fresh rotis in just 90 seconds without compromising the taste. It does everything from measuring, mixing, kneading, and flattening the dough to cooking and finally making the puffed rotis. It’s an all-in-one solution for making rotis, otherwise a long multistep process.


Not only does Rotimatic saves time, but its AI-powered systems can also make rotis from scratch. Making rotis every day can be a tedious process. But with Rotimatic, one can leave the task on the robot and do something else during that time instead.

Also, cleaning Rotimatic is as effortless as its service. It has three detachable parts- a stirrer, dough cup, and dough tray that you can detach and clean without needing technical help.

Highly useful, efficient, and multipurpose

Roti is a staple in most Indian households; hence it is evident that the Rotimatic would have great utility in the kitchen. It’s efficient and is multipurpose in use. It has automated settings to prepare puris, and pizza base, and additionally, it offers options like making jowar or bajra roti.

Recall value 

Rotimatic has a great recall value as often when they make rotis, they will think about how considerate your choice of Rotimatic has been. Not only that, it would help your loved ones to lessen their dependency on a cook or a hired help. This way, you will help them save money and avoid worrying about the uncalled leaves of their domestic help.

hot round rotis from Rotimatic


Healthy Choice 

Your gift would help your loved ones to gain more control over their food. With Rotimatic’s capabilities, they will choose the comfort of their home rather than going out or ordering from restaurants. This way, they can also take control of every single ingredient, right from the flour, water, and oil used in the cooking process. Additionally, it can make many healthy alternatives to wheat roti, like Jowar, Bajra and multigrain roti. 

hot fluffy rotis coming out of Rotimatic

Zero Hassle Gifting Option From the USA to India

Sending a gift from the USA to India is usually never hassle-free. You will have to select the gift item from an Indian site or be ready to pay huge customs and shipping charges while ordering from the US. 

But gifting Rotimatic is as easy as making rotis with it. You just need to book and order it from Rotimatic’s US site, and they will ship it to India for you without extra shipping charges and the hassles related to customs. It also provides multiple shipping options, including 1-2 weeks express delivery. Also, you can split the bills among your peers if it's a collective gift. 

Wait, we are not finished! With Rotimatic, you will not have to worry about warranty issues as it supports remote troubleshooting. To keep up its efficiency and trends, it receives timely OTA updates to enhance performance and adds new recipes. 

girl looking at Rotimatic online for gifting


So far, over 1 Lakh families across the globe have made it a part of their kitchen appliances collection, and over 168,243,912 rotis have been prepared using it. The Wall Street Journal has called Rotimatic the “Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: A Roti-Making Machine,” while The Spoon calls it “The World’s Most Popular Food Robot.”

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