We are creating the world’s first fully automatic flatbread making robot – to bring about a day when families can eat healthy homemade meals with just a touch of a button. We are humbled so many in the community share this vision and write to us in support of the Rotimatic journey. You can view some of these messages below. Support us by sharing your own at [email protected] or on our facebook page.

All the best

I am confident that you will succeed with your Invention …All the best!!!

Good Team

We are with you and will wait for your final product… Please take your time and get it done right. Looks like you have a good team on your product development. Good luck and stay well.

Great job

You guys are doing a great job. We can wait patiently.

Happy to get a tried and tested product

I am happy to know that I will get a better tried and tested product next year. All I ask is to make sure you keep communicating about the progress made this year. Good luck in resolving the manufacturing challenges and looking forward to a great product next year.

All the best

Wish you all the best! We are all fully behind you!

Appreciate your quest

Thank you very much. Stay rest assured, I understand the complexities of design and manufacturing. I greatly appreciate your quest for nothing but the best. 2016 is just fine for me.

All the best

Keep at it – wishing you all the best for your eventual success!

Support your efforts

Dear Rotimatic Team, I support your efforts in this venture, and will wait for my order. I had imagined such a machine 20 years ago and I am thrilled in anticipation of receiving my order. I pray that you will solve your manufacturing issues soon…

Tech takes time

You can tell the team is really committed to make it happen. Tech takes time, better do what it takes to make it right! Good that there are brave start-up people out there who take the leap of faith and create awesome products. Keep it up! My hubby (Indian) and I (German) still believe in you! Can’t wait to show my mom-in-law.. She’ll love me even more. ;)

Support you in this journey

I appreciate that you reached out to us. We understand and support you in this journey. We will remain interested in this amazing product and hope to see a final version soon. Will be happy to beta test Rotimatic.

Contribute to creating a better product

Hi, appreciate the honest update. I have been eagerly waiting to try out Rotimatic, and if possible, would love to help in beta testing and contribute to creating a better product.

Appreciate the challenges

Thanks for the update. I can appreciate the challenges involved. So, i will be patient for the perfect machine to come.

Challenge is clearly enormous

I wish your team the very best.The challenge of what you have set out to do is clearly enormous, it is important to react to the roadblocks in the right way, which you are doing. Keep persevering.

Impressed by your dedication

I am very impressed by your speech and your dedication. I know that there are a lot of difficulties involved in manufacturing anything at a large scale. You have shown good courage , integrity and perseverance and I hope the best for you. I am not afraid to wait one more year to get such an innovative product. Roti is not my favorite for but your scientific and innovative idea and approach is what I support.

Please continue testing

Hi Pranoti, thanks for reaching out to us with current update. Please continue with your testing and keep us updated with your outcome. Hope to hear good news soon.

Best wishes

Thank you for the message from Pranoti. I am very supportive of whatever time it takes to get the product right. You guys are on an amazing yet very difficult path – best wishes for great success!

Don't mind waiting

Thanks for the honest message Pranoti Nagarkar. As an early adopter of most products I don’t mind waiting until you get it right!

Good Luck

Hi Pranoti, good luck with the adventure. I hope you guys can fix the issues and ship the product soon. Thanks for sharing the progress.


It’s a never been tried before concept as far as I know, so delays are almost expected. Perseverance will pay for your company

All the best

Being an engineer myself, i understand it can take longer than anticipated development time and i fully support to bring a quality product to market. Wish the entire Rotimatic team all the best!

Support is with you

It takes a brave heart to say sorry …don’t you worry about the delay. The support (and the order) remains with you.

Believe in your team

Hello Pranoti, got your message. No problem with the delay. I agree with your decision to double down on the commitment. I believe in you guys. Looking forward to recieving my Rotimatic in 2016!

Support this Journey

Rotimatic team. I’m with you and support this Journey.

Rotimatic going to make life easier for millions

I understand and completely agree on the complexities involved in building an innovative product like Rotimatic. Rotimatic is going to make lives easier for millions of people. Such a delay is understandable. I support you and will stay on board. Go Rotimatic!!!

Thank you

Thanks for keeping us posted. More importantly for being transparent, honest and earnest…
I am still in and will wait for your product… Thanks.

Will continue to support

Thank you so much for taking the time to create and send this video. I appreciate the fact that you are being honest about the timeline, and I would much rather wait longer and have a quality product than have you roll it out now under pressure and fail. I have much respect for your decision and I will not be opting out. I will continue to support the Zimplistic team and keep my order in place. Cheers for making good decisions!!

We understand and support you

Thank you for working towards perfecting Rotimatic! We understand and we support you! God bless you

Best Invention

Good to hear from your team. I completely understand that the machine your team is building is something that is going to change the world for women, both working and house makers across the globe. I will definitely stick and wait for the product. It’s the best invention your team is trying to build so keep it up and all the best!

Take your time

Guys I totally understand what a start-up goes through. take your time and bring a great product to the market.

Believe in you

“We still believe in you and would like to wait till 2016. However it would be great if you can dish out updates on the progress made, that will be really helpful.”

Support is with you

I would like to stay with you in the final phase of the journey. Thanks.

Appreciate your efforts

I would just like to say that although we are eagerly awaiting arrival of this product in our kitchens, please do take as much time as you need to make a quality product that meets the purpose it is meant for – removing all the manual effort in making the rotis. I have been without a Rotimatic for all these years and I am ready to wait for another year if I need to. But give me a quality product. Thanks and we appreciate your efforts in making this machine a reality for millions of moms like me.

Support you

Thank you for your honesty. It’s rare to see such candor and a willingness to own up to one’s mistakes. You have my support and I look forward to receiving my Rotimatic!

Understand the complexity

I am eagerly awaiting the release of the Rotimatic. I understand that there are some manufacturing delays, and I understand that the complexity of the machine warrants a longer wait time. Hopefully, all of that can be resolved soon so we can all start enjoying rotis. If possible, I would love to receive a test machine and work with you to give feedback.

With you all the way

Delays when PIONEERING a product, never hear of that before ;-) No problem yaar, make what you will be proud to sell and we will be thrilled to own. Cancellation ka to saval hi nahi paida hota.We are with you all the way. Good luck and God Bless you!

Totally support you

Hi first and foremost congrats for a unique and wonderful journey that you guys have started where some of friends and family are waiting for Rotimatic2 version. I’m proud to say that with your efforts and zeal to come out with a perfect machine I’m perfectly happy to wait for a longer period and my total support to you guys becoming a pioneer in a completely new field is very difficult but not impossible. Your efforts will be fruitful. All the best!