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What we once visualized, we have now materialized. The Rotimatic is empowering thousands of families to lead healthier lifestyles, and our satisfied customers are saying it best!

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Read and watch Rotimatic reviews, or browse through delicious recipes shared by thousands of users who enjoy our hot puffed rotis everyday.

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Rated 4.53/5 based on 602 customer reviews

Rotimatic Reviews by Our Users


Abhinav Rathod
22 Aug 16

United States (US)

A perfect wedding gift!

It’s a great invention. We bought this for our daughter as a gift during her wedding because my wife did not want her to go through so much hassle and struggle to manage work and family. It was definitely one of the best gifts we could have given her. She loves it and uses it daily but even her in-laws love it too. Every time they have guest they show off the Rotimatic. My daughter says that Rotimatic is usually at the center of all the conversations. Now we are planning to get one for us too.

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Prakash Chand
19 Jul 16

Singapore (SG)

Clean and nice machine

We were pre-order customers and got our Rotimatic delivered in Singapore. Even with a helper we still preferred this robot making the roti as it was hygenic. It is a reliable machine however must say they really need to work on their support. They have promised a better service soon and I hope its really soon. Till then I am enjoying rotis, puris and pizza.

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