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Reviews from Rotimatic owners all over the world. See how Rotimatic is empowering thousands of families to lead a healthier lifestyle!

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No more Frozen rotis

After waiting for just over 2 years, its Finally here!!! #rotimatic #automatic #robotic #fresh #homemade #wholemeal #roti #chappati #ca…

Methi Masala Rotis

Inspired by other recipes submitted here...tried this recipe for Methi Masala Rotis with delicious results! :-)

Relishing the #RotimaticLife | Rotimatic Stories

Well the concept of the Rotimatic itself was extremely novel. So think about the Tesla..when people talked about the electric car it wa…

It’s Amazing

The concept of Rotimatic itself was extremely novel, imagine you just put in the ingredients and it would make the rotis.Then we receiv…

More than just Rotis

Our home made wraps with rotis from rotimatic and dahi kebabs.. #homecooking #housechef #homesweethome #rotimatic #rotirobot #tamilpasa…

Exceeding Expectations

"Rotis were really soft like cotton ball, that is exactly what my dad wants." "It has exceeded my expectations." "Made us eat healthier…

Rotimatic Family

Thanks to #Rotimaticlife team for delivering Surprise, Smiles and Happiness earlier than promised!

Future of rotis

"This is the first video of our Rotimatic. We got much awaited courier about week back. It has definitely made my life easier, organize…

Happiness is Homemade

After a long day at work a delight to have home made food. #RotimaticLife

Healthier Lifestyle

Rotimatic rotis are home-cooked just like 'maa ke hath ka khana', so after Rotimatic we stopped eating bread. The beauty is to have a p…

Healthy, delicious rotis

One of the things I really appreciated is the smell and the freshness. I know for a fact that there is nothing added to it, right. That…

Worth the Wait

Yay...finally got my rotimatic after a long wait of 2 and half years...

Worth the Wait

Life can be easy and healthy with #Rotimatic #RobotMakesMyRoti #WorthTheWait #TotalValueForMoney #MissMom'sSabji

Rotimatic is here!

?Oh Happy Day ??? The day that I dreamed of 2.5 yrs ago has finally come! Rotimatic is here!!!? (Sounds loud in video but it's really n…

Rotimatic, Kapda aur makaan

The machine works like magic! It’s amazing to see all the processes being carried out — there’s a window for you to peep-in and enjoy.…

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