New affordable & risk-free way of bringing Rotimatic home.

Pay only for the number of rotis you eat each month.
Starting at USD 29.99 per month.


Smart Ownership for Smart Families

No investment, zero-risk, unlimited recipes

No Upfront Investment

You get to enjoy fresh, homemade rotis without buying the machine. Just pay for what you use monthly.

Lifetime Free Maintenance

After-sales support is a crucial part of the ownership experience. Now you get warranty for as long as you run your monthly plan.

Lifetime Free Upgrade

Your monthly plan covers automatic upgrades where applicable, be it new recipes we launch or the new hardware unit sent your way to replace your current one.

Just pay for the rotis you eat and leave the rest to us!

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Excludes local taxes & shipping

Security Deposity
USD 199 Security Deposit

Refundable in full after Cancellation

No Risk Trial
30 Days No Risk Trial

In case you aren’t satisfied, we will refund the full amount, no questions asked

No Upfront Investment
No Upfront Investment

Moving? Just ship the product back to us in good shape! All good.

USD 29.99/m
Upto 150 rotis per month
Ideal for
  • Casual eaters
  • ~25-35 rotis/week
USD 39.99/m
Upto 300 rotis per month
Ideal for
  • Regular eaters
  • ~35-75 rotis/week
USD 49.99/m
Upto 500* rotis per month
Ideal for
  • Big families
  • 75+ rotis/week
Additional charges for extra rotis over plan limit. For more information refer FAQ

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How does it all work? Are there other hidden charges?

It is as simple as a family paying each month for the plan they choose. No hidden charges or tricks beyond what is outlined. You won’t have to worry about investing a huge amount of money upfront or after-sales support issues. Our monthly plans handle it all, no further charges.

Would I have to pay for after-sales support costs?

No, our monthly plans are designed to remove all the stress around after-sales support. All issues faced by you will be fixed free of cost as part of your monthly plan.

Is there an option to still buy the product at retail price?

We are unfortunately not able to maintain two types of supply chains and the only way to own a rotimatic is via our monthly plans.

How do you calculate monthly charges? Can I switch to another subscription plan?

Monthly charges are based on the plan you choose. Each plan lets a family have upto a certain number of rotis each month. In the months where you exceed the number of rotis your plan allows, you would be charged additional for the rotis made on top of your plan’s limit.

You can always switch your subscription plan before the start of each month.

What are the additional charges if I exceed the number of rotis compared to my plan limit?

For the starter plan, each additional roti would cost you USD 0.22

For the Intermediate plan, each additional roti would cost you USD 0.17

For the Intermediate plan, each additional roti would cost you USD 0.12

I am keen to try it. What happens if I stop my subscription after a month? Is there any lock in period?

We want you to try it without any risk. In case you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel the subscription without any questions asked. Your deposit will be promptly refunded once the machine return process is complete.

Once the trial period is completed, you will need to use the machine for a minimum of 6 months.

Do I still have to pay for the subscription plan if I am out of station for more than 1 Month?

If you are away for a month or more, you can switch to the cheapest subscription plan before the start of the month. We are unable to support suspension of subscription plans.

Will my Balance (Remaining Rotis) be carried forward?

Our plans are designed to let a family eat freely as per their liking each month. We are unable to support carry forwards from the monthly plan (as that impacts our ability to offer free lifetime support).

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Meet our customers

70,000 families rely on Rotimatic

“Eating healthy is now a part of life”

I had been relying on store-bought white bread and sandwiches as a resort to fixing a quick meal for myself when I was in a rush for work or dropping and picking up my kids from school every day. Surprisingly, it’s more convenient and quick to make fresh rotis – which are any day a better alternative to white bread – and use it to create delicious quick-fix wraps right in your kitchen!

–Neha, New Jersey, USA
“A mini marvel of engineering”

Rotimatic robotic appliance makes the traditional method of cooking rotis seem unnecessarily cumbersome and messy. I couldn’t imagine a day when all I’d have to do to make a roti was put flour, water, and oil in different compartments of a single compact machine, and press a few buttons. That’s literally all it takes!

–Nikita, Galway, Ireland
“A favorite of new bakers”

Some of my younger colleagues are raving about this product that doesn’t seem to care about the level of expertise a user has in the art of making a roti, which is a very complex task and could take innumerable trials to perfect. The vessel for the flour has a minimum and maximum level marked along its side, and the user can entirely forego the part where they have to estimate how much water/oil to use.

–Gaby, London, UK
“An appliance worth the investment”

I had my reservations about buying a kitchen appliance dedicated to just making rotis. That changed quickly when I realized the advantages a kitchen robot brings – it is AI and IoT-enabled and connects to the wifi. This basically means it can follow remote commands from other devices as well, a feature unthinkable of any other kitchen appliance till date.

–Chirag Jain, Hong Kong

It’s time to start eating fresh, hot rotis everyday

Still wondering if you should go for it? Well try it for a month & if you dont like it, You can return it no questions asked!

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