Amazing machine

Nadeem Khan
30 Jul 18

Australia (AU)

Amazing machine

This machine has made our life easier. It was recommended by a friend to us and we were very skeptical given the high price. I think its all worth in the end. The rotis are not as good as handmade tawa-made rotis, and it is not fair to have that expectation given that its a machine but they are far better than the frozen or the restaurant rotis, and healthy and fresh too.

I just wish the containers at the top (Flour, water, and oil) were big enough to make 20 rotis (max. that we can set from the display panel) without having the need to refill it during the roti making process. We are a small family, not very often do we make more than 10 rotis at a time but when we do, we have to load the flour and water mid-cycle. We could have some optional accessories, perhaps?

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