Stuart Robinson
04 Mar 18

United Kingdom (GB)


Firstly like to say when i first joined the UK wait list I was a little sceptical about receiving my Rotimatic & how well it would perform.
However after patiently waiting a long time …..
BOOM!!! Rotimatic finally arrived on my doorstep in the UK,
Since then ive never looked back.
Perfect rotis every time. If i ever have to contact customer service with a query they are always extremely happy to help & advise.
I even ordered extra spare parts to use with different flavoured ingredients and the service team were fast efficient & extremly helpful. Parts arrived quicker than i expected.
The finished results of rotis are excellent ,we’ve used the machine a good few times and have been impressed every time.
Rotimatic is easy to use & clean & connects seemlessly to our home WIFI.
Just received the new PIZZA setting as promised by Rotimatic and again were VERY impressed. 12 fabulous round Pizza bases in under 30 mins and again clean up afterwards is a doddle!!!
After topping & baking our pizzas we couldn’t believe how well they turned out .
You can tell lots of work , effort & thought has gone into Rotimatic because it works so well & produces excellent results every time. Fingers crossed we’ve had no technical issues or recipe disasters at all.
Some people may think the price tag seems a little high., I believe in top end high quality kitchen items so this ticks all my boxes,, I’m really pleased I purchased Rotimatic. The machine does a lot & will continue to do so due to future updates hence the latest fabulous pizza setting I’ve been playing with.
I would recommend Rotimatic to anyone that loves easy healthy food preparation & easy clean ups.
Depending on what you make with Rotimatic can be healthy too., For instance , we make flatbreads that don’t contain sugar,salt or even yeast. This is a real bonus. We rarely eat bread now thanks to Rotimatic.
Overall we love this machine & will continue to use it with any future updates/ recipes/ settings .
I use Rotimatic in conjunction with an InstantPot because they both cook & prepare foods at such a high speed but produce authentic results every time
Well Done Rotimatic & support.
Thank You so much.
This machine is a Dream !!!

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