Better than frozen rotis

Hima Patel
17 Aug 17

United States (US)

Better than frozen rotis

Born and brought up in Ahmedabad I never entered the kitchen as both my mom and my grandmom pampered me with hot fresh food. When I got accepted in university my mom actually was worried as I didnt know to cook and would be eating frozen rotis till I graduate. We all know how sensitive Gujarati’s are with their ‘rotli’. My sister suggested we look up Rotimatic which we did and were amazed by the videos on youtube. We ordered for slow delivery and when I reached US the Rotimatic was delivered after a week. All I had to do was put flour, water and oil and press a button and the rotis were made. They were soft and puffed. Not as thin as my mom made it but still far better than the frozen one I had for a week. Now I make 2 sabjis which last me for a week and leave Rotimatic to serve me hot fresh rotis. I miss mom and home but not for food as Rotimatic is helping me in that.

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