Found my Ramu kaka (At least for fresh rotis)

Richa Pandharikar
08 May 18

United States (US)

Found my Ramu kaka (At least for fresh rotis)

Being a Maharashtrian, I am used to eating rotis (Poli) for both my meals of the day. I tried to make them on Saturday/Sunday well then weekends used to go in that. Tried buying it from outside for 3-4 days, I used to end up eating the stale food. I tried making rotis on my own daily but it was time consuming. I used to tell my mom that I need a Ramu kaka, if not that then I wish to have a robot. Well didn’t get a Ramu kaka but did find a robot to at least make fresh rotis for me everyday. So far my experience has been great except a few errors which were annoying. I’m impressed with the design, ease of use, software updates roll out, error handling/reporting. Although rotimatic does not have EI (emotional intelligence), glad it runs on AI and constantly improves the quality. Hoping to see more new features rolled in the near future. All the best Rotimatic team!!

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