Gives me more time with my kids.

Reshu Kothe
19 Oct 17

United Kingdom (GB)

Gives me more time with my kids.

Kudos to the Rotimatic team for this 21st century invention! The Rotimatic has been nothing but a big help in preparing meals for my relatives when they come over to have dinner every saturday evening. I used to spend the whole afternoon in the kitchen preparing the dinner but not anymore. I can spend the morning playing with my kids, taking them out for walks in the park and even going for some shopping after lunch without having to worry about not being able to rush home on time to prepare the food. It has really bonded my family and I together with all the extra time I’m left with, since all of us were busy during weekdays to really spend time together. Initially, the rotis were a bit uncooked on the edges, but after contacting the tech team, it was resolved rather quickly and the machine rarely has any hiccups ever since. I would honestly recommend Rotimatic to any serious buyers out here

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