Go for it.

Ritika jain
30 Jul 18

United States (US)

Go for it.

After reading the negative reviews about customer service on different sites, initially I was little reluctant to buy Rotimatic . But keeping that 30 day money back guarantee, I forced myself to take the risk and I placed the order. I got my magic machine in 4 business days. Today is just the fifth day and I am pretty much satisfied. I know roti quality is not that great, but instead of eating rice, bread or frozen stuff, this is defiantly is a good choice. Kids can have fresh roti in their summer break and I am getting extra 15 minute of sleep in the morning. Customer service is great so far , no complaints. Set up will take hardly 5 minute. Every single roti is perfect since 1st day. Have already made at least 150 rotees in 5 days. Only concern is that whether these plastic parts will survive at least one year. Quality of the machine need some improvement. Over all, I will recommend this to all busy moms who are struggling to spare some time, it will defiantly add some magic to your life.

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