Good appliance

Harsha Sadaragani
29 Apr 17

Singapore (SG)

Good appliance

When my husband first bought the Rotimatic, i was so insulted because i dont believe a machine can actually match the food that was made by a human. So we decided to have a challenge. My husband operated the Rotimatic while i made the rotis by hand. I must say im quite impressed because the Rotimatic really beat me in terms of speed. The noise level was kind of high, but it couldnt be compared to mine when i was screaming my head off watching it produce rotis while im struggling to roll the dough. I definitely had better tasting rotis because it was made with LOVE but the rotis from Rotimatic werent bad as well. Overall, the Rotimatic can really help you speed things up when you are rushing to make meals, or just too lazy to work so hard. Of course we should also have some handmade rotis once in awhile.

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