Great for daily rotis

Kiran Rao
15 May 17

United States (US)

Great for daily rotis

I was kind of disappointed in the Rotimatic at first, regretting that I did not wait for the product to be more established before diving head first into being one of the first to have the machine. First few days were terrible. Every few rotis I make, at least 1 gets stuck or turns out uncooked. I contacted tech support and they eventually helped me stabilise my machine. Turns out, due to the AI in the Rotimatic, it was learning and adapting to the types of flour that I used, so the dough was not always consistent as I kept trying different brands of flour. After I learnt my lesson, I stuck to using Aashirwad Select Atta and now I have been getting perfect rotis every time. Occasionally, an out of shape roti is still being produced but that is just the machine trying to tell me to clean it properly. My faith in the product has been restored and the regrets have been long forgotten.

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