Happy with it

Vikas Ahuja
30 Oct 17

United States (US)

Happy with it

So my friend from highschool hosted a dinner at his home for a few of us close friends. When we entered his home, we were greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread. Definitely knew we were going to have rotis for dinner. My friend is a great cook and we often tasted his cookings in highschool as he would pack food from home for lunch. Of course we were all looking forward to his cooking. I thought that the flavour of his rotis were a bit off, but definitely not from the frozen rotis that you can buy from convenience stores. Other than that, the curries and all were superb. We helped him clean up after dinner, only to find out that he had this sleek looking machine in his kitchen that we all thought was a microwave, but then it looked a bit off and he told us it was a Rotimatic. We had no idea what that was. He demonstrated how to use it and it left us all amazed at how quickly it could make a roti. After that dinner, we were scrambling to get our hands on one. He gave us a referral link that gave us free shipping for buying the Rotimatic. After a few adaptations and help from the tech team, I finally got close to the flavour of rotis that I were used to eating. Although some people still prefer handmade rotis, the Rotimatic definitely is one of the best inventions I have seen and truly experienced for myself!!!

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