Divya Chaturvedi
27 Nov 17

United Kingdom (GB)


I wanted Rotimatic from the day I saw their ad on Youtube . Time passed and we forgot about it. Lately my son’s friend was talking about this brillant invention and I was eager to know if the product is for real. We came across their group on Facebook where customers had used rotis to make samosas and pizzas. I asked my husband if we could buy it and he was skeptical however my son encouraged us to try as it comes with a 30 day full refund policy. We placed our order and got it delivered. That night my son’s family came home for dinner along with my grandkids and more than anyone else they were super thrilled to see Rotimatic in action. Suddenly no one wanted to sit and eat dinner but keep staring at the Rotimatic. We do think its noisy but imagine a machine doing everything right from kneading, rolling, puffing at a press of a button which gets smarter by the day as its AI enabled. We are super happy with our Rotimatic and look forward to big family dinners with grandkids without any tension now

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