It actually makes rotis!

Samit Shetty
19 Nov 17

United States (US)

It actually makes rotis!

There’s a saying that goes like this: Give a man a fish, it feeds him for a day. Teach a man to fish, it’ll feed him for a lifetime. I’d say: Give a man a Rotimatic, and it’ll feed his family for eternity. I moved to New York from London and eating out everyday is taking a toll on my health. There’s a diner at every corner of the street near my apartment; there’s no good reason for me to prepare my own meals at home. I worked long hours as well. Between rest, socializing, and meal preparation, the priority will definitely not be the latter. My overly concerned parents got to know of my unholy lifestyle and decided to order a Rotimatic for me from London and have it shipped to me doorstep. And it really took away the hassle of preparing my own food. Wifi set up was a breeze, and things really started cooking when all the ingredients are in the right place. The machine took some time to warm up and the first 5 rotis were not as pretty as the ones in the picture. The machine seems to learn from it’s mistakes and after a few more tries, the rotis came out nice and round, perfect to eat with curries or even as a wrap for my smoked salmon and rocket leaves. I eat everything with my Rotimatic now. From wrapped baked beans to wrapped lasagna, my life has totally changed. When my parents visit, I don’t even need to bring them around with food anymore. I just leave them with the machine and they are happy! It’s a great product, and a fantastic invention. Drop that iPhone X and get a Rotimatic because trust me, only of these can feed you well.

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