Life with Rotimatic

Harpreet Chawla
04 Mar 18

United States (US)

Life with Rotimatic

Getting a was a dream come true , I was in waiting list but never thought much about it till people starting putting the reviews up with videos , OMG , I had to have it now , I did chase up chat And fb support and got my Rotimatic in 4 months
It has been blessing for the whole family , always there for us — be it coming late from work , surprise parties , going on a trip or planning advance when the weather around us got bad ,

Now with diff features there is something for everybody at home and also friends , who are still amazed when they come to our house ,

My son says he will take it with him when he goes to college ?.

Rotimatic is part of our family now

Online Support team has been hit and miss , some very good ones and some which will just pass the problem through

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