Lifesaver. Indian Best Friend

Uma Nambisan
18 Apr 18

Singapore (SG)

Lifesaver. Indian Best Friend

the only reason I went for it was, my mom had disc issue due to which I felt she was having hard pain in making chapathi everyday for lunch and dinner. So at first it was just my curiosity and an excitement to give a surprise to my parents. When I ordered it, my sis and my parents felt this machine would be like other chapathi makers. So I was so tensed until I got to see and taste the chapathi from ROTIMATIC, To my experience on the very first bite and appearance, my dad was so pleased that he said its worth the money. That made me really happy. And as I saw the convenience and comfort, finally I landed up with one rotimatic for myself. I am enjoying it everyday and even I am able to try out many different recipes with the roti and poori option.

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