LOVE Rotimatic!!! I use it to create Fresh & Healt

Dayleen Wallace
08 Mar 18

United States (US)

LOVE Rotimatic!!! I use it to create Fresh & Healt

I have been using Rotimatic every day for about 1 month and can’t express how happy I am with my purchase. I have been able to make health fresh GLUTEN FREE, Roti’s, Tortilla’s, Pizza’s and much more. It is wonderful to have fresh breads that are healthy and can be made on demand. I also love bringing fresh roti’s and other things made my rotimatic to friends and family. My daughters birthday party is going to be a pizza party! I can’t wait for each kid to make their own creations and it is so simple for me to do this with Rotimatic! The Rotimatic has been able to adapt to all the flour blends I have made so far. I am SOOO HAPPY with myy purchase, the customer support and the Rotimatic Owners Facebook Group! I can’t wait for the future updates the machine will bring!!! This is a MUST HAVE in every kitchen no mater what types of cuisine you cook!

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