Married man

Qi Heng
01 Mar 18

Singapore (SG)

Married man

im a chinese guy married to this beautiful indian lady and i gotta say… without the rotimatic, my marriage would not have been possible… tried to help with the cooking the first time i had dinner over at her house… cant say it turn out well.. made a fool out of myself trying to prove something lol.. i cant cook well and i know indians absolutely love cooking their own meals, so her parents were kinda disapproving of me.. like this guy cant even handle a knife the proper way hows he gonna be taking care of our daughter for the rest of her life??? then i saw this ad on the rotimatic and im like this is my chance to prove myself!! so one dinner i brought rotis made from the rotimatic and it was such a relief to know that her parents actually approve of my rotis… rotis were a bit chewy cause i didnt know how to store them properly but i know that dinner changed their perspective of me… of course it is still nowhere close to their cooking, but i get to contribute to dinners now by making rotis haha.. truly grateful to the rotimatic team and i must say, food really does have a way into peoples hearts…

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