No excuse

Rashmi P Kulkarni
08 May 18

Qatar (QA)

No excuse

With such a wonderful gadget in the kitchen, there is really no excuse I can find to eat junk food, order takeaways our go out for a “nice” dinner.

Healthy, fresh food is just minutes away with the Rotimatic. Don’t have anything planned for dinner, no problem. Unexpected guests? No worries at all. With endless options of recipes to make with the Rotimatic, lunch or dinner is never boring anymore.

We have had our Rotimatic for over a year now. We have nothing but praises for the entire team who have developed such an awesome product. It’s user friendly operation has freed us to give more time for our family and to make meals together. Kids and our not so tech-loving elders have been using it with great ease.

Whenever we had any minor issues with the Rotimatic, the tech support team has been prompt to resolve any issues.

The range of recipe options using the Rotimatic is only limited to our imagination.

The price at $1000 sounds steep, but the fact that we are eating much healthier, fresher food, we don’t have to plan meals way ahead and we have reduced or restaurant trips significantly says a lot about what we have saved in the past year.

A big shout out to Pranoti and her team for making our lives better.

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