One of the best invention ever

Bharat Ramesh
02 Mar 18

United Kingdom (GB)

One of the best invention ever

I love my Rotimatic. The rotis are a little bit thicker than rotis my mum makes even on the lowest setting. But it's not a problem for me as they puff up so can seperate the layer of roti when eating. As a man I can't really make rotis I have tried and takes me around 1.5 hours to make 15 rotis with the butterfly roti maker. The taste of the Roti is better than any shop bought Roti. I can make 15 rotis in the Rotimatic in around 45 mins , as it is all automatic I can prepare dinner at the same time , so the rotis are done and we all can eat whilst they are hot. If it is just me and my wife are eating we eat at the table and have hot rotis coming out the Rotimatic whilst we eat . This I consider to be the best investment I have made and cook more curries now . And have stopped buying all the rotis and pitta breads and nan breads. As we can eat fresh hot rotis when ever we want now.

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