Roti, puri, pizza and more!!

Ritesh Sharda
02 Jan 17

California US

Roti, puri, pizza and more!!

Working in Bay area is super fun as you come across some amazing inventions. We were walking around the mall and came across a pop up store of Rotimatic and there was this huge Indian crowd waiting to get in. As soon as we got in we were filled in with smell of freshly made rotis. We did try the rotis with some ghee and they were too delicious. The machine was a little noisy but trust me it was amazing seeing such a compact machine doing so much. My 3 friends and me bought this machine as a group buy and got a group discount. The unit was delivered at my friends place and getting it from her home was an hassle is its heavy. Setting up was super easy and the final outcome was too delicious. Also the machine can make puris and pizza so we basically paid for 1 product but got 3 products:) Happy to recommend this to all as its easy and yes it works.

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