Rotimatic rotis

Veena Rao
09 Mar 18

United States (US)

Rotimatic rotis

For me making rotis is next to impossible. It never come round and its not soft at all. So I used to eat alot of frozen rotis. We were invited for a potluck and the host had a Rotimatic. I fell in love with it as all it did was make rotis and more rotis. I shall be honest the rotis were not like handmade rotis but they were fresh, round and soft rotis.I asked her where she got it from and she shared her referral link hence I got a good discount. I ordered mine and am super happy as this has reduced my grocery bills of buying frozen roti and my future health claims as now I cant be lazy and be eating frozen rotis. Would love to see a better after sales support as they opereate via the app and am a little old fashioned and love having to speak to someone via a call.

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