Simple to clean

Meera Singh
02 Jun 17

United Kingdom (GB)

Simple to clean

I love cooking but I hate making rotis. The worst part is rolling each one to a perfect circle and then standing in front of the hot flame to cook it. I really wanted to get something which could help me make rotis so I bought the chappati maker and all I can is it was a waste of money. The rotis were very chewy and I still had to knead the dough. Saw Rotimatic review on Facebook and got excited to try. Setting up was super easy and the non tech person like me could easily set it up.I made some rotis and they were ok. I reached out to the support team and then got to know that I was using the wrong flour and they suggested some brands to use. i tried again with the recommended flours and the rotis were amazing. They were soft and layered. Cleaning was simple too. A must buy for all.

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