Thank you mom dad and Rotimatic!

Ruchika Agarwal
17 Apr 17

United Kingdom (GB)

Thank you mom dad and Rotimatic!

I had an accident a few years back and my arms never fully regained their strength. All the rolling of dough was becoming such a tedious activity in making rotis, my arms would be so sore for a few days. My parents finally bought me a Rotimatic last christmas (after months of hinting and whining that my arms hurt all the time). Personally, I must say that I am very impressed with the Rotimatic because it has really reduced so much time in making rotis for me. Rotis dont get made quick enough but I’ll settle for it. AND literally no more pain so no complains there. Just a few push of the buttons and I get to eat fresh rotis. I don’t even have to make extras to keep for the week now. I know what I’m thankful for this thanksgiving!

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