Value for money

Prashant Chaturvedi
15 Aug 17

United States (US)

Value for money

The Rotimatic was something I bought because I got divorced and felt quite embarrassed at my lack of cooking skills and as a wog I need my bread! To my delight I find that the machine cooks better than her and I have no complains. When it’s my turn to take over the kids I make sure that they understand what good food should taste like. Btw, it’s 1000 USD <- cheaper than my wife. Anyway, hardware a solid 8/10 (could be slightly smaller, and quieter- but noise isn't an issue for me), software a smashing 8.5/10 (this machine is too SMART), Breads: excellent, they are thick and comforting to eat. I like to get takeout curry sometimes or dips from down the street. Would I recommend? yes! 1000%, best thing a single lad can have.

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