Manjula Tewari
04 Mar 18

United States (US)


There is nothing in this world which can bring the precious time we spent with our family at dinning table. The Invention iof robot, the Rotimatic , has brought us so much ease that every minute , while having family meals, is enjoyed and savored. We have learned to enjoy the fresh healthy meals every time with just three simple ingredients. The most important investment done
The priceless time , once it is gone never comes back . That’s what I learned from my investment in one and only “ Rotimatic” . I have learned the two most powerful warriors patience and time. Each of our meals with our family have thought us to enjoy every minute of our lives . The precious time we spend with family eating together sitting down meals, is enjoyed and savored. We have created so many treasured memories , which was not possible prior to this amazing invention, the Robot called Rotimatic. Just with three healthy ingredients ( flour, oil, and wAter) and touch of button , that’s all we need to enjoy every minute of our life. Another lesson learned is to be patience and time savor . These are the few words straight from my heart . Time flies like an arrow. Can’t believe this past year with rotimatic has brought so much stress free moments in my life. We are sitting in a shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago. I must find the time to appreciate and thank the Rotimatic team who made the difference in my life. The inventors followed their heart and had courage and intuition to give the world the bestest invention possibly humanly possible. Dear Pronoti and Rishi and your entire team , these words can’t express my feelings nor my thanks for all your help and the difference you made in each and everyone’s life. The Rotimatic has helped my house a Home, with lots of laughters and giggles . Now I have more time to spend , without standing in the kitchen and waiting for garam garam roti’s for everyone. I am touched beyond words. The newest Robot , the Rotimatic has already made an impression on the world. Thank you Rotimatic team for your part in my journey. You have made so much difference in our lives. Now since we are getting constantly new updates , we can make Puri’s, Pizzas . Bhatureys , golgappey, calzones, tacos, paprika, masala roti’s and the endless list goes on. Thanks for the biggest accomplishment and a very special Robot. Thanks for allowing me and the entire rotimatic team to grow together and keep giving the life’s best healthy joyful way for living. Within your hands are special talent and within your mind is the source of dreams. Within you Pronoti is a strength to carry your dreams . We as a rotimatic owners have confidence and faith in you. You are so precious and rare within you is a promise of the healthier and stress free future. Every kitchen in this world should have Rotimatic at the counter.

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