Rotimatic Reviews and Customer Experiences

What we once visualized, we have now materialized. The Rotimatic is empowering thousands of families to lead healthier lifestyles, and our satisfied customers are saying it best!

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Read and watch Rotimatic reviews, or browse through delicious recipes shared by thousands of users who enjoy our hot puffed rotis everyday.

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Rated 4.53/5 based on 602 customer reviews

Rotimatic Reviews by Our Users


Rahul Fernandes
16 Sep 19

California, USA

Rotimatic is the best invention ever

Life is now really sorted wirh Rotimatic. Even here, far from home I do not miss my home food that much thanks to Rotimatic. Also its healthy. Kudos to the team for a good job!

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Pratik Shah
17 Aug 19

Chicago, USA

Gives me more time for studies

I have been using the Rotimatic to make my favorite rotis daily ever since I moved to Chicago for college. It was a gift from my mom and I had no idea how useful it would prove. The rotis it makes are fresh, good for health, and prepared in a minute. I don’t have to choose between my health and having adequate time to dedicate to my academics anymore.

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Sadia Jamal
06 Aug 19

Maryland, USA

Rotimatic makes more than just rotis!

Apart from rotis, wraps, tortillas, and pizza bases are the other varieties of flatbread a baker can play around with! I can’t imagine planning a spread for a party without using Rotimatic anymore – it’s such a saviour!

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Jane Parera
06 Aug 19

Illinois, USA

Switch between rotis and tortillas effortlessly

The option of making tortillas or rotis in a household that enjoys both Mexican and Indian cuisines using the same device is something I never expected to come across! Ever since we’ve been uding Rotimatic, my family doesn’t have to vote one cuisine over the other and can opt for both at the same time. All it takes is a press of a button to change to the required settings, and that’s it.

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Dwiti Paul
03 Aug 19

Sydney, Australia

A hygiene-conscious machine

Rotimatic replaces the need to get my hands dirty in the process of kneading and rolling the dough with automation. But more than getting my hands dirty, the automatic roti making machine ensures that contaminants don’t make their way into the ingredients and the dough, thus preventing illnesses especially those related to digestion.

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Prakriti Norden
15 Jul 19

Brisbane, Australia

Experiment with flavours

Making rotis manually had always been a tedious task, and complicating the process further by adding extra ingredients was the last thing on my mind. With Rotimatic taking over the entire responsibility of mixing the ingredients, kneading the dough, flattening dough balls and roasting those, I have started to add flavours such as fenugreek and turmeric to switch up the taste of these meal staples!

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Arif Hamid
28 Jun 19

Canberra, Australia

Rotimatic prevents contamination of ingredients

The AI-enabled Rotimatic mixes the ingredients, kneads the dough, separates it into smaller sections, rolls them out into thin discs and then finally roasts them – all without the need of a human touch. This protects the hygiene standard of the roti that makes its way to your platter, as well the utensils or parts of the appliance that come in direct contact with the ingredients.

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Prema Majumdar
24 Jun 19

Stockholm, Sweden

Unparalleled uniformity of rotis

A distinct feature of the Rotimatic that makes its products better than those created using semi-automatic and traditional method is the option it gives to choose the thickness and texture of the rotis. Once these parameters are set by the click of a few buttons, the rotis made will be exactly as specified until the settings are changed to a different one once again.

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Pam Kartik
25 May 19

Dublin, Ireland

Cleaning the Rotimatic is so easy!

Apart from the rolling pin and the surface of the table where I roll out the roti dough, I normally I end up having to clean the bigger mess it somehow leaves behind all around. Making rotis in a Rotimatic has changed the entire game for me! Now, the automatic kneading of the dough, pressing dough balls into thin discs and then roasting them perfectly are all restricted within the space of a counter-top machine.

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Gayatri Kapur
25 May 19

Horsens, Denmark

A smart-looking kitchen device

I used to stow away my semi-automatic roti maker in a cabinet after use, because well honestly its aesthetics was too utilitarian and quite jarring compared to my newly-revamped kitchen. Rotimatic is an all different story – not only is it way ahead in its utility quotient than my previous roti makers, its new-age design adds to the visual appeal of my counter-top!

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Andrew Heyes
30 Apr 19

New York, USA

Experimenting more Indian cuisine with Rotimatic

I’ve been taking culinary classes to polish my skills as a maker of Indian dishes to impress my Indian wife on our anniversary. Not surprisingly making rotis manually is the only thing I have been unable to perfect. With just a couple of weeks to go for my surprise dinner, Rotimatic has become my new wing man!

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Nikhil Dhanuka
18 Apr 19

Belfast, Ireland

Super easy to clean

The removable parts of the Rotimatic are the ones that require cleaning. These containers are approximately the size of common mason jars and can be washed in the sink. Its cleaning process gets even better when you take into consideration that there are merely three such components to be washed.

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Neha Sharma Suri
13 Apr 19

New Jersey, USA

Eating healthy is now a part of life

I had been relying on store-bought white bread and sandwiches as a resort to fixing a quick meal for myself when I was in a rush for work or dropping and picking up my kids from school every day. Surprisingly, it’s more convenient and quick to make fresh rotis – which are any day a better alternative to white bread – and use it to create delicious quick-fix wraps right in your kitchen!

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Meenu Kashyap
04 Apr 19

North Carolina, USA

Totally a life-saver!

This is a life-saver! I hate making rotis. Who likes it infact but Rotimatic is too good. The rotis are fresh warm and well cooked. Initially I didn’t like the roast much but i love the crispyness of rotis now too. Life is difficult when I travel and can’t carry my Rotimatic!

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Nikita Singh
28 Mar 19

Galway, Ireland

A mini marvel of engineering

Rotimatic robotic appliance makes the traditional method of cooking rotis seem unnecessarily cumbersome and messy. I couldn’t imagine a day when all I’d have to do to make a roti was put flour, water, and oil in different compartments of a single compact machine, and press a few buttons. That’s literally all it takes!

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Nikita Singh
28 Mar 19

Galway, Ireland

A mini marvel of engineering

Rotimatic robotic appliance makes the traditional method of cooking rotis seem unnecessarily cumbersome and messy. I couldn’t imagine a day when all I’d have to do to make a roti was put flour, water, and oil in different compartments of a single compact machine, and press a few buttons. That’s literally all it takes!

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Rudra Sen
09 Mar 19


Rotimatic has a resilient design

I bought this product in April and have had no complains yet. I moved houses twice in the interim and was afraid shifting the appliance multiple times would damage it but Rotimatic’s design has withstood all the back and forth.

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Dina Dayal
08 Mar 19

London, UK

Unwavering taste and texture

All the years I’ve spent eating handmade rotis, very rarely were two rotis exactly alike. They would vary in thickness, softness, and shape. This inconsistency in the quality of the end product is averted by the Rotimatic. A user can pre-set the amount of wet ingredients to be mixed with the dry ones, the thickness of the roti, and the temperature at which each roti will be roasted.

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Heg Rak
05 Mar 19


Rotimatic has my mom-in-law’s approval!

Progress Report- Exactly after 4 months of use and 1610 rotis later can definitely say that Rotimatic has been a life saver! Even my MIL who was visiting us from India and doesn’t like most food unless it’s Indian and home cooked approved of Rotis from Rotimatic!! And the surprising part today was I was able to make 18/20 rotis without having the need to refill the flour container. Just had to fill water container once after 12 rotis. Very happy with it so far!!

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Neelu Sharma
17 Feb 19

SG (SG)London, UK

This is really cool!

I never thought I would be able to make rotis. Rotimatic has totally changed that. I love how simple it is work with the machine. Justa dd flour water oil and Voila! there you have the perfect roti.

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Ayush Singh
17 Feb 19

Denver, Colorado

Watch out for Rotimatic!

Whoever thought flying cars are the next big thing, watch out for Rotimatic. Rotimatic is one of the most awesome gadgets I have. Totally recommend this to everyone who likes to eat roti.

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Nitin Garg
05 Feb 19

Munich, Germany

No more burnt rotis!

One of the trickiest parts of making roti is roasting it, and even after a few years of practice I am yet to become adept at that. One out of every five roti I roast is overcooked or burnt on one side or the other. By automating the process of roasting rotis to a puffed golden brown, Rotimatic ensures that you are served rotis that are perfectly cooked on either side.

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Gaby Khan
05 Feb 19

London, UK

A favorite of new bakers

Some of my younger colleagues are raving about this product that doesn’t seem to care about the level of expertise a user has in the art of making a roti, which is a very complex task and could take innumerable trials to perfect. The vessel for the flour has a minimum and maximum level marked along its side, and the user can entirely forego the part where they have to estimate how much water/oil to use.

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Rukmini Iyer
02 Feb 19

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sleek and compact design adds to Rotimatic’s appea

For an appliance that delivers so much and packs in so many technological innovations, the Rotimatic is surprisingly compact! It goes so well with the design of my modular kitchen and does not look like an outlandish machine which an otherwise kitchen robot might be expected to look like.

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Deepika Jain
01 Feb 19


We have come a long way from hand-made rotis to rotis from Rotimatic!

Ten years ago, I was a busy mom with a full time job, running from work to daycare to home. Trying to take care of the kids’ needs took my time, and at night, bone- tired, I ate whatever I had in the fridge before falling asleep. Now, I am a busy mom of teenaged kids. My day is split between my work and driving them to school, sports, music, swimming. At night, bone tired, I thank Rotimatic for making me look forward to fresh hot rotis for dinner. In 10 years, we have come a long way from eating frozen roti or bread to home-cooked no-fuss rotis.

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Jasmine Ali
14 Jan 19

Auckland, New Zealand

The quickest method of making rotis

Making rotis has never been quicker and easier. The time I save over making them has allowed me to try out more curry recipes instead.

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Nazia Beg
03 Jan 19

Dubai, UAE

The science behind Rotimatic fascinates me!

Being an engineer I find the innovative implementation of sophisticated technology in this automatic roti maker very impressive. It has the very first precision flour dispenser for home use, and its adaptive system enables Rotimatic to learn just like a human.

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Geeta Anand
22 Dec 18

Virginia, USA

Love at first roti

I was never a big fan of rotis and always chose to cook rice at home instead to go with Indian curries. This was because of the amount of labor that went into preparing a single flatbread. I had my doubts about the quality and taste of rotis that were made by an automated machine, but Rotimatic surpassed my expectations! I use it almost on the daily now.

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Ashu Dhanjal
14 Dec 18


Rotimatic is one of the most amazing inventions

I know it’s easy to discredit or complain but we all know and have to agree that Rotimatic is one of the most amazing inventions. It has made lives of thousands of women like me. I am a cardiologist and have a start time for work but it’s never ending. Even at home I get calls all the time and anytime and cooking was a torture especially Rotis with repeated interruptions because of calls from hospital. I bought my Rotimatic about 2 years back and have been using it daily with no problems. It has made my life so much better.Thank you so much for making Rotimatic :)

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Deepika Leela Dave
01 Dec 18

New York

#Justme and My #Rotimatic

A big thank to the invention for this era of women generation who really work hard to balance between their families and work life. This machine is a blessing and time saver for women and it empowered me and my family to enhance to better lifestyle. Yes, you don’t have to make rotis to express your love towards your family; family needs more of your valuable time. :) Yes, you don’t have to make dough by your fingers to get exercise, you get it enough at gym or at office work desk. I love my roti making robot which makes bajra and juvar roti, pizza and puri too!

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Chirag Jain
30 Nov 18

Hong Kong

An appliance worth the investment

I had my reservations about buying a kitchen appliance dedicated to just making rotis. That changed quickly when I realized the advantages a kitchen robot brings – it is AI and IoT-enabled and connects to the wifi. This basically means it can follow remote commands from other devices as well, a feature unthinkable of any other kitchen appliance till date.

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Geeta Jatin
16 Nov 18

Dubai, UAE

A high-tech chef

Rotimatic is the personal chef I never dreamed I’d have one day! I call it chef because it does not blindly follow instructions. Rather it suggests improvements and alterations if it detects the quality of the ingredients to not be up to the mark, learns how to adapt to alternate methods of preparation, and even does its own trouble-shooting. All this is possible because it is AI-enabled unlike any other roti maker in the market.

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Riya Paul
25 Oct 18

Chicago, USA

Operating a Rotimatic is easy peasy

The steps required to follow for making flatbreads using Rotimatic are so simple and can be easily executed by my twelve years old and eleven years old. The device has definitely made family time in the kitchen more fun and something to look forward to for the kids!

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Anupam Singh
17 Oct 18


Celebrations made easy by Rotimatic!

Thanks to Rotimatic for making our Durga Ashtami celebrations so easy and so much more joyous. I made 40+ puris this morning without any hassle, every single one perfect. I love my Rotimatic, such a great invention for today’s women! Special shout out to Rotimatic support folks who have always been there anytime help is needed!!!

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Gary Patel
05 Oct 18

Texas, USA

Meals have more options now

Since Rotimatic has made making rotis a matter of a minute and a press of a few buttons, my wife and I have been experimenting with flavors and new ingredients to add to the flatbreads. Before Rotimatic, we wouldn’t even dream of making something like beetroot flavored rotis, that too so frequently, in our kitchen.

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Shwetha Viswanathan
17 Sep 18


Rotimatic is a life-saver!

How rotimatic changed my life ? It’s been a life saver for me ,coz I can now make fresh rotis , pooris ,quesadillas and pizzas,and Bhaturas ,with the click of a button for my super picky eater. What was the my fav rotimatic moment ? When I first made restaurant style pizza for my whole family with Rotimatic.

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10 Sep 18

India (IN)

Wonderful invention

hey, I want to thank u for this wonderful invention for women. I just want to suggest you improve your device a lil. Like rotis should be softer and second rotis diameter is very huge, it should be little small in diameter, it will be great if you do some updates.thank you are small for making life easier

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Savinay Dangi
10 Sep 18

United States (US)

Fresh hot rotis directly on the dining table

We love out Rotimatic. It has made cooking a lot easier for my wife and now I can contribute by running Rotimatic :) and cleaning. The best part is while sitting on the chair, extend your hand and get the freshest, warmest rotis. I am a sucker for hot roti and this allows our whole family to enjoy that. In the beginning, we did have some problems with imperfect dough and sometimes the roti folding but we figured out what to do and what not to do. The customer service was helpful but honestly, my wife figured out the issue. Now, it is easy, convenient, healthy and simply delicious.

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Deepa Malavalli
10 Sep 18

United States (US)

Good device

I believe it serves its purpose well. Especially for people who may not know how to make roties, have no time, or may not have passion for cooking. For me it is too big and would take too much space on my counter. I can make roties very well and am very fast doing so. Fortunately I learned to do so. I feel people should also learn how to actually make them. It is important for a cultural upbringing. Otherwise you are just depended on machines to do things for you. Nevertheless, I am sure it is a good solution for those who cannot make them themselves but want to have fresh roties.

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10 Sep 18

Australia (AU)

Rotimatic lifesaver!

Great investment ever! Rotimatic is lifesaver for me being a full time working mom. I can work endless hours without worrying about the dinner now plus every single hot roties with dinner is a bonus. Highly recommend!!

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