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Reviews from Rotimatic owners all over the world. See how Rotimatic is empowering thousands of families to lead a healthier lifestyle!

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Roti Instead of Rice!

My Chinese family is now roti converts. We eat roti instead of rice practically *everyday*. So who said roti is for the Indians only? ?…

An inspiration for all

Omg Omg!! My Rotimatic is finally here after 3 years of wait!! Thank you Rotimatic team for this great invention. Congratulations Prano…

From an entrepreneur’s dream to my kitchen counter

This machine gives the world a healthy way to eat whole grains. To me the smell of fresh curry combined with fresh rotis being made on…

Exceeding Expectations

"Rotis were really soft like cotton ball, that is exactly what my dad wants." "It has exceeded my expectations." "Made us eat healthier…

Feeling happy

Finally after a long wait...Rotimatic has arrived our home!

No more Frozen rotis

After waiting for just over 2 years, its Finally here!!! #rotimatic #automatic #robotic #fresh #homemade #wholemeal #roti #chappati #ca…

Super efficient

It makes delicious and nutritious whole-wheat rotis, and is saving me a ton of time in the kitchen.

Great value for money

Travel made easy with @rotimatic the wait from 2014 was indeed worth the time. Great value for money.

Yummy Brunch

Simple and yummy brunch with Roti and dal.

Tastes Great

First @rotimatic roti! Looks and tastes great. What a way to start the year.#HealthyEating #Kitchenbots #morefreetime

Rotimatic, Kapda aur makaan

The machine works like magic! It’s amazing to see all the processes being carried out — there’s a window for you to peep-in and enjoy.…

It’s Amazing

The concept of Rotimatic itself was extremely novel, imagine you just put in the ingredients and it would make the rotis.Then we receiv…


My #Rotimatic is here! ??❤ @rotimatic

My life has forever changed

All the qualities of the perfect girlfriend: 1. Has a power button to turn on and off on demand. 2. Self cleaning... Wish I could marry…

Come Home and Taste Yummy rotis

Healthy eating made simple by rotimatic? #rotimatic #rotimaticlife

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