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When we first saw Rotimatic in action this was on YouTube actually. I was like yeah it looks great on video let's see how the real rotis are. And then we got the Rotimatic and it is amazing like that's the only word for it. Every time you see it in action it's amazing like how the hell is it actually doing this thing! The rotis tasted really good they were fluffy and soft on th… #rotimatic

Rotimatic Reviews: Is it for you?

When we first saw Rotimatic in action this was on YouTube actually. I was like yeah it looks great on video let's see how the real roti…

Super efficient

It makes delicious and nutritious whole-wheat rotis, and is saving me a ton of time in the kitchen.

PC Mag Review: Rotimatic is a Compelling Appliance

The Zimplistic Rotimatic lets you easily make your own roti at home. It is an automated, WiFi connected roti maker. The WiFi keeps the…

Healthy, delicious rotis

One of the things I really appreciated is the smell and the freshness. I know for a fact that there is nothing added to it, right. That…

Rotimatic Review

Anyone can make rotis with rotimatic, since I have had it, my husband has made them twice! And trust me he hasn’t rolled a roti in his…

It’s Amazing

The concept of Rotimatic itself was extremely novel, imagine you just put in the ingredients and it would make the rotis.Then we receiv…

Delicious roti Everyday

Thank you Rotimatic for this wonderful product. The whole family enjoy delicious roti everyday specially my son. He just love Rotimatic…

Make rotis from scratch, effortlessly

Makes rotis from Scratch, Effortlessly

The best a husband can present to wife is no more a diamond, it is Rotimatic. Why not as it is cheaper and healthy too :-) Machine whic…

Stress Test

The kids wouldn't stop eating the rotis.. I didn't realize we ended up making about 80 rotis that night. It was a real stress test and…

Exceeded Our Expectations

Introducing our latest gadget! Rotimatic! Preordered 3 years back, and finally here! It was worth the wait, it exceeded our expectation…

Rotimatic, Kapda aur makaan

The machine works like magic! It’s amazing to see all the processes being carried out — there’s a window for you to peep-in and enjoy.…

Tastes Great

First @rotimatic roti! Looks and tastes great. What a way to start the year.#HealthyEating #Kitchenbots #morefreetime

Bring Your Own Roti

Vikram & I always believed in the Rotimatic despite all the naysayers. Looking fwd to our 1st Bring Your Own Roti (BYOR)- NOT! party

Prime Minister of Singapore

Rotimatic is the world's first roti and chapati maker, just put flour, water and oil. After a minute out comes fresh and hot rotis, you…

Happy Wife = Happy Life !

"Rotimatic: Happy Wife = Happy Life :) Dinner is served! Thank you Rotimatic for spreading the joy"

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