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Well the concept of the Rotimatic itself was extremely novel. So think about the Tesla..when people talked about the electric car it was like that other people have tried making electric cars but when it came out, it just blew everybody's mind! Those rotis are actually very tasty, I mean the best part is that you see that puffing action, you see that roti getting puffed and it'… #rotimatic
Rotimatic Owner Stories
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Healthy, delicious rotis

One of the things I really appreciated is the smell and the freshness. I know for a fact that there is nothing added to it, right. That…

Mridula and Rajiv

Rotimatic Review

Anyone can make rotis with rotimatic, since I have had it, my husband has made them twice! And trust me he hasn’t rolled a roti in his…

It’s Amazing

It’s Amazing

The concept of Rotimatic itself was extremely novel, imagine you just put in the ingredients and it would make the rotis.Then we receiv…

Bhavana & Ani
Delicious Roti Everyday

Delicious roti Everyday

Thank you Rotimatic for this wonderful product. The whole family enjoy delicious roti everyday specially my son. He just love Rotimatic…

‎Himanshu Gupta‎
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Stress Test

The kids wouldn't stop eating the rotis.. I didn't realize we ended up making about 80 rotis that night. It was a real stress test and…

Rotimatic Exceeds Expectations

Exceeded Our Expectations

Introducing our latest gadget! Rotimatic! Preordered 3 years back, and finally here! It was worth the wait, it exceeded our expectation…

Rakesh Kulangra
Tastes Great - Roti robot

Tastes Great

First @rotimatic roti! Looks and tastes great. What a way to start the year.#HealthyEating #Kitchenbots #morefreetime

Prime Minister of Singapore

Prime Minister of Singapore

Rotimatic is the world's first roti and chapati maker, just put flour, water and oil. After a minute out comes fresh and hot rotis, you…

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
happy life rotimatic

Happy Wife = Happy Life !

"Rotimatic: Happy Wife = Happy Life :) Dinner is served! Thank you Rotimatic for spreading the joy"

Dhawal Chheda
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Feeling happy

Finally after a long wait...Rotimatic has arrived our home!

Bhairavi Bhatt-Chavan

Meets Expectations

Finally got to use my latest acquired gadget and it stands up to our expectations. Unboxing it we also discovered a hand written letter…

Bismay Mishra
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Super Convenient

Have you guys heard of the rotimatic? It's a nifty gadget that makes chapathis, flatbreads and other rotis in a minute. Super convenien…

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Relishing the #RotimaticLife | Rotimatic Stories

Well the concept of the Rotimatic itself was extremely novel. So think about the Tesla..when people talked about the electric car it wa…

Rotimatic Owner Stories
Exceeding Expectations

Exceeding Expectations

"Rotis were really soft like cotton ball, that is exactly what my dad wants." "It has exceeded my expectations." "Made us eat healthier…

Rotimatic Owners
taste yummy rotis

Come Home and Taste Yummy rotis

Healthy eating made simple by rotimatic😊 #rotimatic #rotimaticlife

Aarti Kusre
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