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Reviews from Rotimatic owners all over the world. See how Rotimatic is empowering thousands of families to lead a healthier lifestyle!

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This works like a dream

Our Bappa came and along with him - the Rotimatic, it was a pleasant surprise after a long wait. I have waited to post because I wanted…

Result .. SO GOOD :)

I have been a rotimatic owner for few months now and have even written a review on my blog. But today, I am the happiest after seeing t…

Our Rotimatic’s first Pooris!! ?

Bigger & Better Thank you Rotimatic team ? — feeling wonderful.

Rotimatic review by Abhilasha

Today I am going to show you Rotimatic. My dad and mom brought it so they could make rotis!

My life has forever changed

All the qualities of the perfect girlfriend: 1. Has a power button to turn on and off on demand. 2. Self cleaning... Wish I could marry…

An inspiration for all

Omg Omg!! My Rotimatic is finally here after 3 years of wait!! Thank you Rotimatic team for this great invention. Congratulations Prano…

Methi Masala Rotis

Inspired by other recipes submitted here...tried this recipe for Methi Masala Rotis with delicious results! :-)

Rotimatic : Is it for you?

When we first saw Rotimatic in action this was on YouTube actually. I was like yeah it looks great on video let's see how the real roti…

Super efficient

It makes delicious and nutritious whole-wheat rotis, and is saving me a ton of time in the kitchen.

PC Mag Review: Rotimatic is a Compelling Appliance

The Zimplistic Rotimatic lets you easily make your own roti at home. It is an automated, WiFi connected roti maker. The WiFi keeps the…

Mankind’s best invention

Karan: This is mankind's best invention Me: Better than life saving drugs? Karan: What's the point of being alive if you can't eat roti…

Healthy, delicious rotis

One of the things I really appreciated is the smell and the freshness. I know for a fact that there is nothing added to it, right. That…

Great value for money

Travel made easy with @rotimatic the wait from 2014 was indeed worth the time. Great value for money.

Rotimatic Review

Anyone can make rotis with rotimatic, since I have had it, my husband has made them twice! And trust me he hasn’t rolled a roti in his…

From an entrepreneur’s dream to my kitchen counter

This machine gives the world a healthy way to eat whole grains. To me the smell of fresh curry combined with fresh rotis being made on…

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