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Rotimatic is the world's first fully integrated solution
that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and delights. All in one!


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One hardware. Many software updates.
One Rotimatic. Endless Possibilities.

Rotimatic software updates
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Be in control.

You are in charge of what goes into your flatbread. All you need is flour, oil, and water. No more hidden additives, chemicals, or preservatives from frozen food. Pick every last ingredient, so everything is fresh!

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Alternative flour brands

Together with our users, we’ve tested a list of alternative flour brands. For best results, each flour has a recommended setting.

24Mantra Organic 7 Grain Methi Atta Aarshirvaad Select
24Mantra Organic MultiGrain Atta Pillsbury Multi-G
24Mantra Organic Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Aashirvaad Atta with Multi Grains Aashirvaad Atta with Multi Grains
Aashirvaad Select Whole Wheat Atta Aashirvaad Select
Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta
Anita's Organic Mill Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Annapurna Fresh Farm Atta Pillsbury
Apna Bazar Farm Fresh Whole Wheat Atta Chaki Atta Pillsbury Gold
Baker Josef's Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Biologique Organic Whole Wheat Pillsbury Gold
Bob's Red Mill Artisan Bread Pillsbury
Bob's Red Mill Organic Spelt Aarshirvaad Select
Bob's Red Mill Organic Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Canada Gold Flour Medium Gold Chapatti Pillsbury
Champion Atta No. 1 Light Pillsbury Multi-G
Champion Atta No. 2 Medium Aarshirvaad Select
Deep Chakki Whole Wheat Atta Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Deep Multi-Grain Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Dhanraj Chapatti Pillsbury
East End Chapatti Medium Aarshirvaad Select
East End Premium Gold Chapatti Atta Pillsbury
Elephant Atta Chakki Gold Stone Ground Whole Wheat Atta Pillsbury
Elephant Atta Fine White Chapatti Pillsbury Multi-G
Gold Medal Stone Ground Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Gold Medal Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Golden Temple Durum Atta Pillsbury
Golden Temple Whole Wheat Pillsbury Gold
Grewal Grain Mills Chakki Stone Ground Atta Pillsbury
Heera Gold Chapatti Medium Pillsbury
Hodgson Mills Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Jiva Organic Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Jovial Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Pillsbury Multi-G
Kasturi Chapatti Pillsbury
Khazana Organic Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Multi-G
King Arthur Organic Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Multi-G
King Arthur Whole Grain Whole Wheat Pillsbury Multi-G
Laila Chakki Atta Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Select
Laxmi MultiGrain Pillsbury Gold
Laxmi Whole Wheat Pillsbury Gold
Maya Durum Atta Pillsbury
Millstream Natural Foods Brown Wheat Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Nature Best Whole Wheat Atta Pillsbury
Nirav Durum Atta Pillsbury Gold
No Name® Sans Nom® Whole Wheat Pillsbury
One Degree Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Pillsbury Multi-G
Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta Aarshirvaad
Peshwai Premium Chakki Atta Pillsbury
Pillsbury Atta with Multi Grains Pillsbury Multi-G
Pillsbury Chaki Whole Wheat Atta Pillsbury
Pillsbury Gold Whole Wheat Atta Pillsbury Gold
Prairie Gold Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Select
QFM (Qatar Flour Mills) Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Rank Hovis Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Royal Chakki Atta Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Sanjeevani Organics Chakki Atta Pillsbury
Shalimar Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Sher Brown Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Sher Durum Atta Pillsbury
Sher Durum White Whole Wheat Atta Pillsbury Multi-G
Sohum Udyog Chakki Whole Wheat Atta Pillsbury
Sprouts Farmers Market Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Select
Sujata Atta with Multi Grains Sujata Multi-G
Sujata Chaki Whole Wheat Atta Sujata
Sujata Gold Whole Wheat Atta Sujata Gold
Sujata Punjabi Atta Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Select
Swad Bhalia Chapatti Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Swad Chakki Atta Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Swad Sharbati Gold Whole Wheat Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Swadi Homemade Chakki Fresh Atta Medium Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Swarna Chakki Fresh Whole Wheat Atta Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Taj No.1 Atta Durum Atta Pillsbury Gold
Tesco Chakki Atta Stone Ground Whole Wheat Pillsbury
Tesco Chapati Medium Pillsbury
Variety Fresh Chakki Atta Pillsbury Gold
Vedic Organic Multi Grain Atta Aarshirvaad Multi-G
Vedic Organic Wheat Chakki Atta Pillsbury Gold
Healthyicon Healthy
Onetouchicon One touch
Messicon Mess free
Economicicon Economical
Healthyicon Healthy
"I know exactly what ingredients go in
my roti so I am sure it’s healthy"

- Priya Khanwalker
Onetouchicon One touch
"It`s so easy and simple, i get 20 extra
mins of sleep every morning"

- Shraddha Mahajan
Messicon Mess free
"Cleaning is the best part.. everything
goes in the dishwasher!"

- Geetha Murthy
Economicicon Economical
“From 20 to 50 cents per frozen roti, to 5 to 10 cents
per Rotimatic roti - it's totally worth the investment.
We have completely stopped eating out on weekdays!”

- Manik Sharma

More than just rotis

Rotimatic was designed as a platform to make any type of flatbread. It connects to internet
and upgrades with features that add more variety to your table and parties.

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Anyone can roti!

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