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Hardware Coverage

Hardware coverage

  • Rotimatic Care covers repairs and replacement for all hardware defects.
  • No restriction on the number of times a unit will be serviced.
  • The following parts are not covered under warranty: Storage containers (flour, water and oil), kneading parts, cleaning kit, kicker, front door and power chord.
Hardware Coverage

Remote troubleshooting

  • Swift troubleshooting of software issues via Cloud, almost instantly.
  • 24 X 7 priority tech support, including video call via Rotimatic App.
  • Speak to an expert with a call-back request.
Hardware Coverage

Service at your door step

  • Get all your questions answered, all your repairs fixed in the comfort of your home.
  • Free pickup and delivery, never an extra dollar for shipping, labour or any advanced support.

Repair and Replacement process at your door step

Hardware Coverage

Step 1:

Contact us via chat or email us at
[email protected] with
your order number.
Hardware Coverage

Step 2:

We will contact you to confirm
if its a hardware failure (if its a software
failure, we can fix it remotely)
Hardware Coverage

Step 3:

We will send you a Return label
between 24- 48 hours
Hardware Coverage

Step 4:

Just print the label,
pack Rotimatic in the original box,
And call Courier service as stated
by us to arrange for pick up.
Hardware Coverage

Step 5:

Once your unit is picked up we will send
a replacement unit via express delivery.
Hardware Coverage

Step 6:

You will get the unit
within 7-10 days.

Learn how to find the Machine Number of your Rotimatic


What does the warranty cover?

Rotimatic warranty covers all software and hardware defects, valid in the original country of delivery. The Company shall bear all costs incurred to repair or replace a defective unit, including shipping fee.

When can I purchase an extended warranty?

Every Rotimatic comes with a 1-year local limited warranty. You can purchase an extended warranty anytime before your current warranty expires. Check your current warranty status by logging to My Account, or simply enter the machine number above.

My Rotimatic was replaced, how does it affect warranty?

In case of machine replacement, warranty still starts from the date your original Rotimatic was delivered at your doorstep.

How long can I extend the warranty to?

Including the 1-year warranty every Rotimatic comes with, you can extend your coverage to up to a maximum of 3 years from the date of delivery of your original Rotimatic.

My current warranty has expired. Can I still purchase the extended warranty?

Only units with a valid existing warranty are eligible for extended warranty.

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