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You can watch the Rotimatic virtual demo here:

You can return your Rotimatic anytime within the 30-day trial period. Rotimatic comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day free trial. So, if your newly purchased Rotimatic doesn't meet your expectations, we will refund the entire amount.

Moreover, you are not required to pay any shipping or handling fee as our delivery executive will pick up the Rotimatic from your doorstep.


Rotimatic is currently available for order only on the official website in 58 countries all around the world. Recently, we added 17 countries including Switzerland and 16 Euro zone countries; Italy, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Finland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Monaco and Andorra. 

Didn't find your country listed above? Don't worry. Rotimatic will be available in more countries in the future!


Rotimatic is a registered trademark product of Zimplistic India Pvt. Ltd, exclusively available on our official website -

If a third party offers to sell you a Rotimatic, claiming to be a Zimplistic representative, please contact us immediately. These are fraudulent claims, and we take your safety very seriously. You can email us at

Rotimatic Plus can do everything the original Rotimatic is capable of, but by using less energy and making less noise.

This is all thanks to the silent press feature in which an advanced low vibration motor in the Rotimatic Plus that reduces the noise* during the pressing stage, while a new belt drive system lowers power consumption by ~20 watts. So now you can enjoy freshly made rotis with less disturbance and more savings on electricity bills.
*measured in a lab using ISO 7779 standards under standard test environment/condition

Rotimatic models comparison

Rotimatic is the world’s first robotic roti maker that fully automates the process of roti making. Rotimatic is currently available in 58 countries. 

Here is what Rotimatic costs in top locations. Note that prices do not include shipping & local taxes.

1. The price of Rotimatic in India is ₹ 1,11,000 (including GST) while Rotimatic Plus costs ₹ 1,35,000 (including GST). Shipping costs are extra.  

2. Rotimatic roti maker's retail base price in the USA is USD 1,449, while Rotimatic Plus costs USD 1,699.

3. Rotimatic retail base price in Canada is CAD 2,000

4. Rotimatic retail base price in Australia is AUD 2,246

5. Rotimatic retail base price in Singapore is SGD 2,073

6. Rotimatic retail base price in Saudi Arabia is SAR 5,796

There could be discounts and offers running on the Rotimatic, so for the exact Rotimatic price, please visit our product page:

For other locations worldwide, scroll to the top of this page and toggle the currency selector for detailed pricing information. 


It sure is! Rotimatic - the robotic roti maker can be operated by people of all ages. Here’s how it works - add the ingredients, choose the roti thickness and the number, and then sit back and wait for piping hot rotis. 

Once your ingredients are ready, you can make rotis with just one touch. Cleaning up is also super easy with two removable, dishwasher-friendly parts.


Rotimatic is now available in India! You can purchase a Rotimatic exclusively on our website

The Rotimatic costs ₹1,11,000 (including GST), and shipping costs extra. The Rotimatic Plus costs ₹1,35,000 (including GST), and shipping charges apply.


We do offer no-cost EMI plans. You can find the ‘Pay in Installment’ option on the checkout page. All thanks to our Buy Now, Pay Later Partners - Splitit & Klarna, you can split your Rotimatic purchase into four easy installments (to be paid every two weeks) with zero interest and no fees when you pay on time.

*CA resident loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law license.

For exact Terms and Conditions, choose the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option on the checkout page.

In India you can get a zero-cost EMI using the PayTm payment gateway.

Rotimatic - the world’s first AI-powered, IoT-enabled roti maker, is for anyone who:

1. Loves soft, paper-thin, and puffy rotis/chapatis/phulkas and all kinds of flatbreads. 

2. Has a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow them to spend much time in the kitchen.

3. Loves experimenting with new tech.

Rotimatic can make thin, soft, puffy rotis in just 90 seconds. All you have to do is add the right ingredients, choose the correct settings, press play, and wait while Rotimatic works its magic.


Rotimatic is a registered trademarked product of our parent company Zimplistic PVT LTD, which means all Rotimatic products are exclusively available ONLY on our official website No other e-commerce platforms or third-party sellers are authorized to sell you a Rotimatic. 

Also, when you purchase Rotimatic from our official website, you get a no-questions-asked 30-day free trial. During this trial period, if Rotimatic doesn’t live up to your expectation, you will receive a full refund minus the restocking fee. 

No return shipping or handling fee is required as our delivery executive will pick up your Rotimatic from your doorstep.


Rotimatic rotis look, feel, and taste just like homemade rotis. Think of it as your personal roti chef who ensures every roti it makes is round, fully cooked, roasted to perfection, and puffy. 

But does Rotimatic make thin rotis, though? Well, you bet! Every Rotimatic roti is thin and light as air and, therefore, has a moreish quality to them.

Every roti that comes out of Rotimatic meets all the five criteria of perfect handmade rotis, which are: 

  1. Every roti is puffed to perfection.

  2. Every roti is thoroughly cooked.

  3. Every roti is perfectly round. 

  4. Every roti is soft and layered.

  5. The rotis are ideal for lunch boxes as they remain soft and fresh for a good few hours.

That’s not it. Rotimatic is an AI-powered roti specialist that keeps getting better at its craft with your feedback and can even learn from other Rotimatics worldwide.  




Rotimatic is the first fully automatic roti/chapati maker machine for home use. It fully automates the process of making rotis - from mixing and kneading the dough to roasting the cooked rotis to puff them up.

Rotimatic’s patented technology is specifically designed to think like humans while making rotis, which is precisely why our rotis are as good as homemade ones. And that’s not it.

Rotimatic is constantly learning & improving with the help of user feedback and firmware upgrades. 

So far, over 100,000+ homes across 58 countries have enjoyed 200M+ soft, round, perfectly puffed, and well-roasted rotis at the touch of a button.

Watch how Rotimatic makes delicious puffy rotis for you from scratch in this YouTube video: 

How Rotimatic Works


You won’t be able to tell the difference. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we, at Rotimatic, take our rotis very seriously. We take pride in what our technology can accomplish. Every roti that comes out of Rotimatic meets all the five criteria of perfect handmade rotis, which are: 

  1. Every roti is puffed to perfection.

  2. Every roti is thoroughly cooked.

  3. Every roti is perfectly round. 

  4. Every roti is soft and layered.

  5. The rotis are ideal for lunch boxes as they remain soft and fresh for a good few hours.

That’s not it. Rotimatic is an AI-powered roti specialist that keeps getting better at its craft with your feedback and can even learn from other Rotimatics worldwide.  

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what our users have to say about Rotimatic roti quality:


Our users have been creative with recipes, enjoying a variety of dishes like thepla, chaat puri, tacos, puran poli etc, using the Rotimatic

Making bajra rotis with Rotimatic:

Making jowar rotis in Rotimatic:

Making puris with Rotimatic:

Making Pizza base with Rotimatic:

For more unique Rotimatic recipes, check out the recipe page on our website

You can also visit the Rotimatic owner's Facebook group, where our users share their own Rotimatic recipes and exchange recipe ideas to help the community get the most out of Rotimatic.


Rotimatic is designed to neatly fit in mid to large-sized modern kitchens without hogging up too much countertop space. Rotimatic's exact dimensions in inches are 40cm (width) x 40cm (length) x 32 cm (height) (which is about the size of a medium-sized microwave). It weighs about 20 kgs.

Rotimatic dimensions:

Curious to find out how rotis are made in Rotimatic? Here's how it works:

Rotimatic is a kitchen robot that automatically measures, mixes, and kneads one dough ball at a time. The dough balls are pressed to make perfectly round and thin rotis. It is cooked at an ideal temperature and evenly roasted to provide hot puffed-up rotis.

Its advanced built-in AI technology ensures the perfect flour-to-liquid ratio in the dough. Rotimatic thinks and works like a human while making the rotis, which is why they look flawless and taste delicious every time. 

Watch the demo here:

Recommended Flour Brands

Rotimatic works best with wholewheat and multigrain flour/atta from selected brands. Here is a list of compatible atta brands for Rotimatic:

Rotimatic flour types


1. Aashirwad 2. Aashirwad Multigrains
3. Aashirwad Select 4. Pillsbury/Sujata
5. Pillsbury/Sujata Gold 6. Pillsbury/Sujata Multigrain
7. Elephant Gold Chakki 8. Grewal Chakki
9. Al Baker Chapati 10. Al Baker Chakki Gold
11. Al Baker Chakki Fresh  

You can also use bajra, jowar, and ragi flour mixed with recommended atta brands to make healthier, fiber-rich rotis. Besides these, you can use maida/all-purpose flour for hot puris and fresh pizza bases.  

We periodically add new flour types through regular software upgrades based on community feedback.

Right now, unfortunately, you cannot use gluten-free flour like almond flour. We are currently working on gluten-free flour recipes and will release them shortly for free download in a software update.

Alternative Flour Brands

If you are unable to get recommended flour brands, you can use alternative flour brands.

*Note: These alternate flours are taking longer time to adapt but it's adapting after some rotis. 

Flour Names Suggested Settings
Sher durum Pillsbury multigrain
Laxmi sharbati whole wheat Pillsbury multigrain/Ashirvaad whole wheat
Amul whole wheat aata Ashirvaad
Parle G Ashirvaad
24 Mantra whole wheat Ashirvaad multigrain
Desi style Pillsbury multigrain
Swad Sharbati Elephant chakki
Style Ashirvaad multigrain
Gazab gold fresh chakki aata Ashirvaad multigrain
Classic chakki aata Ashirvaad multigrain
Golden temple chakki atta (6% fiber) Ashirvaad whole wheat
Daawat chakki aata Ashirvaad whole wheat
Swarn chakki Ashirvaad multigrain

For support initiate the Rotimatic app chat and our support team will help troubleshoot this for you.

Rotimatic app for IOS: Rotimatic app for Android:

To ensure the safety of each roti Rotimatic makes, all materials in contact with food are safe and FDA compliant.

We are often asked about Rotimatic Remanufactured vs. New. Remanufactured Rotimatics are restored to “fresh-outta-factory”-like condition by rebuilding or replacing the critical parts with brand new ones. 

And by critical parts, we specifically mean all the parts that come in contact with the ingredients during the roti-making process and the casing. All of our remanufactured Rotimatics go through rigorous quality tests before reaching your doorstep. Any component that doesn’t satisfy our strict quality demands is replaced immediately with a brand new, reliable part. 

So, Rotimatic Remanufactured vs. New - what else is different? 

While there might not be great changes in build quality and robustness, the real difference is that remanufactured Rotimatics are as good as new at a significantly lower cost. 


Rotimatic makes noise, but it's not loud. Our AI-powered roti maker engages 10 servo motors simultaneously to make the perfect round and puffy rotis for you.

Rotimatic noise levels measured using ISO 7779 standards* are equivalent to or even lesser than a coffee grinder or a food processor.

Our latest model Rotimatic Plus has a feature called the silent press in which an advanced low-vibration motor reduces the noise during the roti pressing stage.

*Under standard test environment/conditions

Rotimatic is no ordinary roti maker; and it is a state-of-the-art AI and IoT-enabled device powered by 10 motors, 15 sensors, and 200 moving parts controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor. 

All these components work together to make dozens of light and puffy rotis in minutes. Our advanced AI method enables Rotimatic to mimic human-like gestures while kneading the dough. 

It takes only 90 seconds to make a perfectly round roti with Rotimatic. Imagine how many precious hours you can save with its help! 



Rotimatic is designed for easy cleaning. For daily cleaning, you must detach the kneading parts after each use and clean them thoroughly. 

Here's a video tutorial of the Rotimatic daily cleaning routine:


We also recommended a weekly cleanup of the following parts: storage containers, flour dispensing tunnel, front door, pan area, behind the kicker, and the sweeper once a week. 

For more details, check out the weekly cleaning tutorial of Rotimatic here: 

Rotimatic comes with a cleaning stick for removing the dough residue off the pans and a brush to dust off flour residue on the machine. 

And the best part is every part of your Rotimatic is dishwasher-safe to make your life easier (don't use the hot cycle, though). 

Besides daily and weekly cleaning, you also have to run an advanced cleaning cycle on Rotimatic once a month. This ensures the water pipes are cleaned automatically using the in-built washing cycle. 

Watch the advanced cleaning process here:


Rotimatic comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day trial period. If you don't like our product within this period, you can return it to us anytime within the trial period. 

A restocking charge of USD 199 (or equivalent amount in local currency) will be deducted from the amount paid for the Rotimatic units prior to processing the refund.

Refunds may also be subject to additional charges like missing user installable components, etc. Once the refund request is processed, sit back and relax! Our delivery executive will pick up the Rotimatic from your doorstep. We will process the refund within 30 days of receiving the returned Rotimatic.

We will feel a little disheartened if Rotimatic doesn't meet your expectations. If you must return the product, contact our customer support using the Rotimatic app or by emailing us at

Alternatively, you can also cancel your Rotimatic order before the product is shipped. Track your order status on our website to know until when you can cancel it. 

Please check the Terms of Sale for more details on order cancellation, modification, and return policy:

Terms of Sale - Rotimatic



Every Rotimatic comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 1 year that starts from the date of delivery. The Rotimatic manufacturer's warranty covers all hardware and software issues for one year after delivery and includes free pick up and delivery at your doorsteps for repair or replacement.

You also enjoy free remote software support and updates for the machine's lifetime. Paid repair services are available post-warranty on demand. 

Also, note that you can buy the extended warranty by Rotimatic Care+ for up to 3 more years at

For more details, please refer to our Warranty Policy - Extended Warranty Policy - Rotimatic.

We provide 24/7 support via chat on the Rotimatic Android and IOS app. You can also get help by emailing us at

Rotimatic is a true IoT device, so our support techs can remotely connect to your machine to troubleshoot and send software fixes via the cloud. Within the warranty period, if you face any hardware problems, we will either repair or replace your unit free of charge to ensure you don't miss out on hot and fresh rotis.

As with all machines, Rotimatic might need support. Our tech support team can troubleshoot the problems in real-time being an IoT-enabled device.

IoT has enabled us to remotely and securely connect to your Rotimatic, run diagnostics, detect any possible glitches, and fix them. All this while you and your Rotimatic are still in the comfort of your home, unperturbed by the technicians hovering around you. 

Also, we are constantly updating our software to fix bugs. With Rotimatic, you get a lifetime of software updates that include improvements as well as recipes. 

Like every IoT-enabled device, Rotimatic automatically upgrades the firmware for new features, recipes, remote diagnosis, and troubleshooting when connected to the internet. 

If your device doesn’t update automatically due to poor network or any other technical issue, call our customer support, who will help you upgrade the device manually. 

TheGoodRoti Nutri Mixes

Rotimatic Nuti Mixes are sachets of 100% natural powders made of robust and nutritious ingredients like spirulina, spinach, beetroot, rice bran, and healthy herbs and spices. Add these sachets to flour used in your Rotimatic to enhance the nutrition of your rotis.

There are four mixes formulated with different ingredients recommended for specific use. For example, the Green Goddess mix is an iron-rich formulation that helps women boost their nutritional intake, while the Little Superheroes mix is for young children who need that extra in their food.

These mixes are in dry, powder form and should be added to flour used in your Rotimatic robotic roti maker. Just mix one part with five-part of your favorite flour, stir well and add it to the flour container in your Rotimatic.

TheGoodRoti Nutri mix has 10 sachets of 45 grams each and one sachet of the nutri mix can make upto 12-15 rotis.

TheGoodRoti nutri mixes are made of real miracle ingredients which helps in providing full of nutritional goodness that your family might be missing with the current lifestyle.

The nutri mix 'Sweet people' is completely suitable for diabetic people. The powder is a blend of oats, psyllium husk, methi, curry and coriander powder making it a perfect low GI pack which releases its sugar slowly in your body.


Rotimatic can whip up a hot and fresh puffy roti for you in just 90 seconds. Before that, you will need to give your Rotimatic 6 minutes to warm up.

The best part is, you don’t have to stand next to the machine while it’s working its magic. Moreover, there’s no limit to the number of rotis it can make non-stop. 

Make sure to keep topping up the ingredients after every 12-14 rotis (no worries, Rotimatic will alert you when it runs low on ingredients) and keep making as many rotis as you want. 


Rotimatic - the AI-powered roti chef is designed to minimize energy consumption. The power consumption of a Rotimatic is about the same as a large microwave oven. Rotimatic plus is more energy efficient with a lower power consumption of ~20W (approximately). 

Power supply specifications: 1.6kW – 1.8kW

Voltage for the USA, Canada model: 110V

Voltage for India, UK, Singapore model: 220V.

All Rotimatics purchased from our official website come with a 1-year warranty starting from delivery date and unlimited software updates for life.

As for the lifespan, your Rotimatic can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Many of our users have been using Rotimatic without any issue for the last 5-6 years.

For more information on the lifespan of Rotimatic, check out the official Facebook group of Rotimatic owners:




Yes, it is. Think of the extended warranty as insurance for your machine. Your machine is covered for most common hardware issues and you end up saving possible repair and replacement costs, plus shipping.

The Rotimatic extended warranty costs $199 for one year, $299 for two years, and $399 for three years of protection. In the United States, hardware coverage is provided in partnership with Extend at the same prices.

If you’re buying a Rotimatic, please add the extended warranty at the time of purchase; options are available on the buy Rotimatic page.

If you’re an existing customer and your machine is within the warranty period, you can buy an extended warranty on the warranty page. You need your Rotimatic machine number or the email you used for the purchase. Enter the machine number/email at the top of the page where it says ‘check your Rotimatic’s warranty status’ and hit the ‘check warranty status’ button.

The page will show your machine’s warranty information and available extended warranty options which you can add to the cart and then checkout.

Yes, you can buy an extended warranty within the warranty period on the warranty page.  Start by checking the warranty status of your machine. Enter the machine number or the email address used for the purchase at the top of the page where it says ‘Check Your Rotimatic’s Warranty Status’ and hit the ‘Check Warranty Status’ button.

The results will show you the status of your existing warranty and also show the extended warranty options available, which you can add to your cart and proceed to checkout. Please note that you can buy a plan only once so we suggest that you buy the maximum coverage possible.

To check the warranty status of your machine, you need the Rotimatic machine number (On the label at the back of the machine) or the email that you used to make the purchase. Go to the warranty page and enter the machine number at the top of the page where it says ‘check your Rotimatic’s warranty status’ and hit ‘check warranty status’ button.

Extend is our warranty hardware coverage provider in the United States, while the rest of the world is covered by Rotimatic Care+. Both plans offer similar coverages.

The Rotimatic warranty is non-transferable and valid for the machine number that it has been assigned to.