Surprise Your Mom In India With The Perfect Gift From The USA!

A lady opening Rotimatic box

When you are browsing for the perfect gift for your mom, it can be tough to know where to look. Moms are amazing and have always sorted out everything for us. So what can you give her that she doesn't already have? An excellent gift can be something she can use every day, and that will make her life easier. Plus, if your mom is living in India while you live in the USA, it should be an easy-to-send gift from the USA to India. 

10 Gifts to Send From USA to India for Your Mom!

1. Clothing And Accessories: You can send your mom a new dress, a pair of shoes, a handbag, or a piece of jewelry.

2. Home Decor Items: Like a decorative pillow, a vase, a piece of artwork, or a candle.

3. Food And Drink: A box of chocolates, a bag of coffee, a bottle of wine, or a selection of teas.

4. Beauty Products: New makeup palette, a skincare set, or a fragrance.

5. Books And Magazines: A new book or a subscription to a magazine that she enjoys.

6. Subscription Boxes: A subscription to a monthly box of goodies, such as food, beauty products, or hobbies

7. Fitness tracker: A fitness tracker like a Fitbit would be a thoughtful gift for your mom to help her stay healthy and active.

8. Gadgets: Kitchen gadgets like a blender or food processor or any other gadgets she might like, like an Ipad or a new phone will make her life easy while cooking. 

9. Personalized Gifts: Like a photo album or a custom-made piece of artwork.

10. A Rotimatic: Yeah. A machine to make rotis. She’ll L💖VE it. What, don’t believe us? Let us tell you why we say this. 

Although every mom has different tastes and preferences, hardly any meal in India is ever complete without Rotis. This quintessential flatbread is delicious, soft, and a perfect fit for all dishes. Although a staple, rotis take plenty of time and regular effort. That's why Rotimatic - the automatic roti-making robot is a perfect gift, giving your mom the most valuable gift of all - free time and some rest.


What Makes Rotimatic one of the best gifts from USA to India?

Rotimatic is the world’s first fully automated and easy-to-use countertop roti maker that makes perfectly round, fluffy, and evenly cooked rotis in 90 seconds flat! For your mom, it’s one of the most incredible gifts from USA to India. Here’s why:

Fast and Fresh

a plate full of stacked round, puffed rotis freshly made with Rotimatic


Gone are the days when it took an hour to prepare a simple meal. For perfectly hot and fresh rotis, now you just need to tap a button.


Designed For Eas

Every Rotimatic is engineered for perfection so that you can enjoy delicious rotis easily. It automatically adjusts the proportion of flour and water in real-time to ensure that every dough ball is kneaded perfectly and that each roti is even, round, golden brown on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside.


Smarter With Every Use

plate full of hot rotis made with rotimatic and a bowl palak paneer
Powered with Artificial Intelligence and in-built IoT capabilities, Rotimatic keeps getting better with data from every roti it makes. Once connected to WiFi, it upgrades with the latest software updates. Also, no need to worry about glitches because Rotimatic comes with remote troubleshooting capabilities. 

Perfectly Flat And Adjustable Thickness

The world's first Flat Pressing Mechanism makes perfectly flat and round rotis possible. This process applies uniform force throughout the roti while being precise enough to achieve thickness down to 0.2mm. Your mom will be impressed!

Anyone Can Roti

Rotimatic is one of the best gifts from usa to india

Using the Rotimatic robot roti maker is easy for people of all ages! Simply add the ingredients, choose the roti thickness and the number of rotis you want, and then sit back and wait for hot and fresh rotis. This way, your mom doesn't have to make rotis with the Rotimatic; anyone at home can do it!

Less Mess, More Food

Is a chaotic Kitchen an inevitable consequence of cooking? Not anymore! Your mom will love that it’s mess-free. Minimal after-cooking cleanup with dishwasher-friendly parts. 

Easy To Clean

Rotimatic is designed with ease of use in mind, and that includes making clean up as fast as possible.

There are only three parts to be cleaned - the stirrer, the dough cup, and the dough tray - and they're all dishwasher-safe. Plus, they're conveniently located behind the side door. So clean up is uncomplicated - just like it should be.

How does it work?

Rotimatic is the perfect tool for roti lovers who do not have the time or energy to make them from scratch. This handy little machine automatically measures, mixes, and kneads the dough. Then it uses built-in AI technology to adjust the proportions of flour and water in real-time to create a perfect dough ball. Once a dough ball is made, it presses into a flat roti and then roasts each roti until it's puffed and delicious.

With Rotimatic, you can enjoy delicious, healthy rotis and chapatis without all the hassle. We've spent 14 years perfecting our A.I.-powered IoT technology to ensure that every roti and chapati comes out perfectly every time - just like your mom makes. Go ahead and rediscover the joy of homemade traditions with our super convenient roti-maker.

The Power Behind The Robot

Rotimatic Machine with roti

You can go from dry flour to freshly puffed flatbread in just a minute with a 32-bit microprocessor. This microprocessor harmoniously manages 10 motors and 15 sensors in parallel so that all processes are seamless and every second is saved. The data from the sensors ensure that the motors work together efficiently and without a hitch to produce the best results.

The question on everyone's mind when they hear about AI-made rotis is - how do they taste?

We're happy to report that Rotimatic rotis taste just as savoury as homemade rotis! They're healthy, delightfully fluffy, and always cooked to perfection. Plus, they're always perfectly round.
And yes, Rotimatic rotis are consistently thin and light as air. That's what makes them so addictively delicious!
Every roti that comes out of Rotimatic is: 
  • Puffed to perfection.
  • Well cooked.
  • Perfectly round. 
  • Soft and layered.
That’s not all. Not only does the Rotimatic have the ability to get better at its craft with your feedback, but it can also learn from other Rotimatics around the world. 


Not Just Rotis

In addition to whole wheat rotis, Rotimatic can also help you make perfect puri bases, bajra rotis, masala rotis, jowar rotis, tortillas, and pizza bases. With an ever-increasing list of pre-programmed recipe settings with future software updates, Rotimatic is incredibly versatile and up-to-date. Over 10,000 users have already become creative with Rotimatic recipe settings, coming up with authentic recipes like thepla, chaat puri, roti burgers, taco salad bowls, bhakarwadi, puran poli, kaja, and many more.

Rotimatic is available to order in 18 countries, meaning you just add it to your cart, fill in your mom’s address in India, and make the payment. We will then ship the Rotimatic directly to your mom from our stock in India, making it one of the perfect gifts from USA to India. 

You can return your Rotimatic anytime within the 30-day trial period with no questions asked. So, if your mom doesn't absolutely love the Rotimatic, we will refund the entire amount.

So what are you waiting for? The perfect gift for your mom awaits! Check out the dazzling Rotimatic here