Prestigious New Kitchen Gift for Modern Homes - Rotimatic!


Look at you! You are already drooling over one of India's favorite food items. Though we relish having hot rotis every day, preparing it can be a real challenge in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, especially when easy-to-cook one-pot dishes are in trend.   

Sometimes we wish we had a genie who could offer us our favorite food at a mere scratch of the wish lamp! 

Well, genies aren’t real, but Rotimatic—an AI-powered roti-making robot, very much is! And it certainly is an ideal choice to be a new kitchen gift. 

If you wish to gift someone dear, your beloved spouse, or even yourself a splendid gift, nothing can beat this automatic roti-maker. It is okay if you are having second thoughts. Be with us till the end to know how Rotimatic can be a fine gift for anyone who loves roti but doesn’t have enough time to cook them every day.   

First of all, let’s explore what Rotimatic is.

Introducing World’s First Roti-Making Robot

Do you remember splitting it in half to share it with your best friend? Or do you remember having it with your favorite curry?

Rotimatic is not just a novel machine but the world’s first roti-making robot.

It is a comprehensive solution for roti-making. It does everything from mixing the dough, kneading, and making dough balls to cooking puffy and finely-roasted rotis. That, too, is within every 90 seconds. 

Rotimatic is an AI-powered mechanism with 10 motors, 15 intelligent sensors, and a 32-bit processor. The 10 motors work in parallel with 300 parts of this robot based on the data provided by the 15 sensors. The sensors measure the temperature, position, and consistency of the dough and rotis. As a result, Rotimatic makes rotis just like an expert cook. 

Occasions for Gifting Rotimatic

There can be numerous occasions when Rotimatic is a perfect fit for a gift for your loved ones, for example:

Man holding boxes in his hand

When someone you know is shifting abroad

Primarily an Indian food, roti might not be found easily in other countries. Also, even if people get it from an Indian restaurant or as a takeaway, that is a concern for their health as they would not have absolute control over the ingredients used. Another option most people living abroad opt for is frozen and packed food, which is an unhealthy practice. 

In such scenarios, Rotimatic would be a lifesaver. With its quickly-made rotis, they can catch their favorite food in a foreign land without compromising their health. 

Marriage or anniversary

Rotimatic would be an ideal kitchenware for newlyweds or married people. It would be an innovative, helpful, and brand-new kitchen gift they could utilize the most. Also, consider this, when was the last time you gave your spouse a gift they held so close to their hearts?

Man holding gift box in his hands


It is a popular tradition to gift kitchen items during housewarming ceremonies. Rotimatic would be an excellent gift to add to their new kitchen appliances collection.

To be honest, you don’t need any special occasion to gift this magical kitchenware to your friend, parents, kids, or even spouse. It can also make a great birthday gift that brings a smile to the special person.


If you want to give your friend or spouse a special gift this year, then hardly anything can be better than Rotimatic. If you are into a group of friends planning to gift one among yourselves on any of the above occasions, then it allows you to split the cost easily.

Why is Rotimatic an Ideal Gift?

Do you remember splitting rotis in half to share it with your best friend? Or do you remember having it with your favorite curry after coming home from school?

Roti is not just food but an emotion. It is about sentiments, nostalgia and good old memories. And Rotimatic is an ideal gift not only because of its value for money but also because of its sentimental value. 

Here are a few more reasons that make Rotimatic a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Roti , ghee, curry

The sentimental quality

Food can remarkably take you on a nostalgic ride. Any food's flavor, smell, and taste are tangible to human experience and link you back to your fond memories and past. 

Roti is one such soul food for many Indians that would connect you to the core memories of home, parents, grandparents, and family- things that you may have left and cannot return.  Through Rotimatic, you would not only be giving a mere gift to your loved one but also a touch of lost time, love, and care.

The value of the gift

Rotimatic would make a valuable gift as roti is a staple for most Indians. You can guarantee that this would be a gift that would not go into anyone’s storehouse but straight into their kitchen.

Girl thinking

Value for money

It would offer excellent value for money as it would save time and energy and be an excellent long-term investment for your loved one’s health.

Rotis with Palak paneer curry

Hygienic and efficient

With Rotimatic, you don't have to worry about hygiene or consistency issues. It is safe and makes hygienic and consistently good quality rotis. Rotimatic receives timely OTA updates and new recipes.

All-in-one solution

With Rotimatic, anyone can make rotis, which can be tricky even for well-trained cooks. The robot takes care of every step of the roti making process, including kneading, rolling, and flipping rotis, making it an all-in-one solution. And the good thing is it is multi-purpose and can be used to make puris, pizza base, millet, and multigrain rotis

An investment worth making

Rotimatic is something you would like to bring with you if you make a comeback to India. Because it can be an excellent alternative to hired help as you might not have to deal with unannounced leaves and unpredictable requests for pay hikes.

Just pair up the hot rotis made by Rotimatic with an easy-to-cook daal (lentils) or vegetable curry, or any side dish, and you are done for the day. Also, this way, you would save a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on a hired cook. Learn why Rotimatic is not just a purchase but also an investment.

A healthy choice

Apart from being a smart investment in terms of money and time, Rotimatic would be a good health investment. It would help you better manage your food habits and have diverse meals rich in nutrients.

You can even try making healthier alternatives to wheat roti, like ragi, bajra, besan, oats, or quinoa roti.

Hassle-Free Cooking

If your children are shifting abroad for higher education, then also Rotimatic would make a good gift. They might need to be better equipped with the tedious process of making rotis. Rotimatic would help them prepare rotis right from the comfort of their home by taking care of every step, from measuring the flour to kneading, flattening, flipping and cooking.

Easy to Clean and Hygienic

It’s super easy to maintain the hygiene of the Rotimatic as all its crucial components can be cleaned separately without any hassle. There are several detachable parts you can quickly clean, such as the stirrer, roller, kicker, dough cup and dough tray. They are dishwasher-safe and easily accessible via the side door.
Also, it keeps your tabletop clean after cooking, which is a win-win.

Easy to Ship

Gifting Rotimatic is as easy as making rotis with it. You just need to book and order it from Rotimatic’s site to the destination location to surprise your loved ones.

The Final Word

Rotimatic has become an essential kitchen appliance in more than 1 lakh homes globally, and as per the reviews, over 90% of our customers are happy with this product. According to The Spoon Magazine, Rotimatic is "The World's most popular food robot".

So, if you know someone close who loves rotis but doesn’t have time to make it properly, then gift that person the Rotimatic. They would never stop thanking you for it. From a health perspective, it is an investment worth doing as well.

Families widely love Rotimatic and the rotis it makes. They have sold over 100,000+ units so far across the globe, and 167,728,519+ rotis have been made globally using Rotimatic.

It has become an integral part of many families. Check out here what our customers have to say about Rotimatic.