200 Million Rotis: A Message of Gratitude from Pranoti

200 Million Rotis: A Message of Gratitude from Pranoti

Rotimatics across the world have now cumulatively produced over 200 million rotis. This is a special landmark for me and the entire team at Rotimatic, and I would like to thank you for being a part of this journey. The belief you have shown in us has been the bedrock of our success.

From Melbourne to San Francisco via London, chances are there is a Rotimatic always kneading on to give yummy, fluffy rotis at any given point in a day.

Rotimatic in Melbourne

I started this journey having seen my mother and grandmother spend countless hours in the kitchen ensuring the family gets tasty, nutritious food always. As soon as one meal was over, they would immediately start planning for the next. Their love to cook for the family meant they had no time for themselves. On top of this, they were both working women juggling their careers and family responsibilities.

I saw that making Rotis was one task that was repetitive, time-consuming and draining. This led to the idea of Rotimatic which now has a determined vision to help mothers spend less time in the kitchen automating tasks that don’t compromise on taste and health.

The Rotimatic is a future-proof device and can produce multiple flatbreads including pizza bases, puris, tortillas, millet and masala rotis.

We worked for years, with much trial and error, to perfect this machine. Being a mechanical engineer made me more determined since this problem wasn’t solved before.

And the love we have received right from our pre-launch days to hit the 200 million rotis milestone has been extraordinary.

I hope the Rotimatic has been able to make a significant change to your daily lives, and you get to spend more time with your loved ones.

I have a request: we would love to hear how Rotimatic changed your life. Please share your thoughts, and stories in any format you like on your social media handle with the #Rotimatic200million and do tag us.

Here’s to a healthier version of ourselves!

With love,
Pranoti Nagarkar
Inventor, mother, CEO.